Smart Home

Innovation, functionality and comfort in your home. Impossible? Not for those who use intelligent building system. The system allows you to integrate electrical devices so that with one move, create the perfect environment tailored to you.

The technology is based on modern solutions and integration with the Internet. Wide software capabilities of devices placed inside and outside the building determine the work mechanisms minimizing costs and significantly improving user comfort home.

Convenience is ensured by complex and automated air control systems (e.g. temperature, humidity), control systems for gates, blinds, curtains, irrigation systems, lighting, power supply (from rechargeable UPS or diesel generators) and other controlled solutions also temporarily and remotely, even from the other end of the world.

Home automation, in addition to freedom to control the building, introduces a new quality security. Natural hazard sensors (e.g. water level sensors, smoke sensors, pollution sensors), motion sensors, video intercoms, monitoring, burglary alarms

Smart home

Smart home

Why is it worth it?

  • Freedom to control the building
  • Higher living comfort
  • Energy saving
  • Security
  • Prestige
  • Easy to use
  • Wired intelligent building systems

    F&Home system (wired)

    The system offers management and control of lighting, heating, cooling and all engine components (gates, roller shutters), switching on and off various circuits, receivers, sprinklers, household appliances, etc. The control can via WIFI, Internet, GSM remote control and supervision. Thanks to separate modules that individually perform individual functions, the system can be adapted to your needs.

    Instalacje wired

    Teletask system (wired)

    The system gives you the ability to control many home devices: lighting, blinds, window blinds, heating, air conditioning and ventilation, fire protection and access control, using for this standard switches or touch screens. You only need to mount the network once and the software will let you manage your installation any way you like.

    Instalacje wireless

    Exta system (wired)

    Exta is a simple installation with intuitive and easy operation. It includes extensive lighting control capabilities among others lighting activation, brightness adjustment and automatic shutdown. Automation allows you to control heating, ventilation and all elements of the building installation.

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    Katalog Exta (pdf)

    Intelligent building wireless systems

    F&Home Radio system (wireless)

    The system is designed in a way that allows for quick installation in both newly built and existing buildings buildings. Thanks to the modular elements that can be mounted in the switchgear, you can perform a mixed installation - wire-radio, based on elements for mounting boxes, the system is started without the need interference with the installation. Heating, air conditioning, ventilation, lighting and alarm and access control are provided managed by wireless technology and mobile devices.

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    Exta Free system (wireless)

    Wireless system for controlling the operation of electrical devices in home, office and partially installations industrial. The system includes a group of cooperating devices operating on radio frequency 868 MHz, grouped by type of action for transmitters, receivers, accessories and remote switches.

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    Exta Free Catalog (pdf)

    Proxi system (wireless)

    A system offering a wide range of electronic controls and modules. The basic elements of the system are:

    • Proxi Light - remote lighting control
    • Proxi Power - remote control of devices connected to electrical sockets
    • Proxi Shade - remote control of blinds, blinds, screens, awnings
    • Proxi Gate - remote control of entrance and garage gates

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