Associations in which we operate

The enterprise el12 sp. z o.o. Is active member of the associations and associations below. Membership in these organizations is for uplifting quality of customer service by introducing new solutions, sales techniques and, above all, new products.

Family business.jpeg

Association: Family Business Initiative was created in 2008 . The overriding goal of the Association is to support the development of family businesses and the integration of the environment. This is done through organization of training and the promotion of family entrepreneurship in the media.


Union of Electric Wholesalers EL-PLUS Sp. z o.o. was established on the initiative of Polish business entities, important in the wholesale trade in electrotechnical products, with knowledge, experience and capital guaranteeing financial security. The union unites 33 wholesalers from all over Poland.


SHE- The Association of Electrotechnical Distribution Employers has been operating since 2007. and continues the activities started by the Association of Electrotechnical Wholesalers. SHE creates and constantly improves an electronic document interchange (EDI) system that can be useful to all market participants. In addition, actively cooperates with manufacturers on the standardization of electronic data exchange and credit risk control.


Business Center Club - the prestigious club of entrepreneurs exists since 1991 BCC has 2500 members (individuals and companies) representing 250 cities. BCC members include representatives of all industries. BCC leads active economic lobbying for the development of a free market economy, creating good law, defending the interests of Polish entrepreneurs.