Company commercial policy

The enterprise el12 sp. z o.o. has been operating in the electrotechnical industry since 2003.
The key assumption of the el12 Sp. z o. o. is to constantly improve the form of customer service in order to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. The main assumption is technical support at every purchase stage, starting from a professional offer, through advice during the purchase and the appropriate form of delivery of goods to the customer.

The el12 sales policy also assumes individual approach to each customer, which translates into an appropriate form of service and individual commercial conditions.

However, the main advantage of the commercial policy is open storage space - each customer can enter the warehouse directly with a technical advisor. As a result, the customer is not treated in a standard way because he has the opportunity for individual consultation, and the goods can be viewed directly before purchase. An additional advantage is the sufficiently high stock levels that allow purchase on the spot. Thanks to such a commercial policy, our customers can purchase from us electrical goods and IT equipment optimally suited to their needs. We strive to meet our customers and offer them solutions that make it easier for them to function in the electrotechnical industry.. With us, the customer chooses the product brand, and we make sure that he chooses the best solutions currently available on the market.