Questions and Answers (FAQ)

1. How can I search for something?

If you are looking for a specific product, the search engine on the left, above the menu, is an irreplaceable tool with a list of commodity groups. In order to find the product you are interested in, enter any string of characters you are looking for the name of the goods. It is also possible to search for a product by its index or EAN code. After pressing "search" a list of items matching the given criteria will be displayed.

2. What are the benefits of registering an account on the store?

Registering and having a user account in our store brings a number of benefits. As a registered user you have the ability to use:

  • tab Your panel with the ability to access information about your orders and the status of their implementation, thanks to which our users always know when they will receive the ordered goods;
  • facilitated contact with the store staff - each registered user can ask us a question to obtain detailed information about a given product, its availability or delivery time for a specific order;

3. Where are my account details after registration and my order history?

The options are available after logging in or registering in "My Account". They are located in the upper right corner of the page. They will transfer us to our account information such as:

  • My account - contains contact details of the store's client, which of course can be easily changed
  • Order history - contains information about orders and the status of their implementation