Payment methods

You can choose the following payment methods in the online store:

  1. Traditional transfer - Pay for your order with a traditional, manually completed bank transfer. After placing the order, you will receive an e-mail with the bank account number to which you need to transfer the money. Once we have received this payment, we will submit the order for processing. You have up to 3 business days to pay. If time is of the essence, we suggest choosing a different payment method. Transaction cost - PLN 0.00.

  2. BLIK, e-transfers and payment cards - Pay instantly with an online transfer or BLIK. With both of these methods, the money will be credited literally in a few minutes, and the seller will be able to fulfill the order. If you care about a really fast transaction, choose this payment method. Both methods are supported via IMy.

    1. Online transfer - The vast majority of Polish banks support this payment method. You do not need to fill in any data for the transfer, everything will be prepared for you. What's more, the entire payment process can take literally several dozen seconds. The money goes to the seller's account immediately, regardless of whether it is a working day or not. Adds a transaction cost of 0.80% of the order value to your order

    2. BLIK - If you have your bank's application and want to make a payment really quickly, check out BLIK. This method is very simple. You select the BLIK payment, rewrite the code from the banking application, confirm the transaction with the PIN in the application and that's it. Paid. And when you pay with BLIK again on a given website, it's even faster. Adds a transaction cost of 0.80% of the order value to your order

    3. Payment card - You can pay with a payment card online as easily as in stationary stores. All you need to do is find the three-digit CVV2/CVC2 code on the back of the card, which is needed to make such a payment. She is very fast! The money will go to the seller in a few minutes, and therefore he will be able to process your order very quickly. Adds a transaction cost of 0.80% of the order value to your order.

  3. PayPal - PayPal is an easy and secure online payment system. Because PayPal makes online shopping faster, more convenient and safer for buyers, it has become the most popular solution of its kind in the world. Adds a transaction cost of 3.00% of the order value to your order

  4. Payment on delivery (Courier-download) - Pay the courier (in cash, and more and more often also by card) or on delivery at the branch. Courier COD - adds a transaction cost of PLN 5.00 to your order.

  5. Payment on delivery (Collection at the collection point) - The collection of the goods together with the payment should be made within 10 working days from the date of confirmation by the store of the availability of the goods at the collection point. Transaction costs - PLN 0.00.