Distinctions and certificates of the el12 electrical wholesaler

Enterprise el12 Sp. z o. o. stands out on the market of the electrotechnical industry with innovation, modern management methods as evidenced by the awards, distinctions and certificates awarded. We also encourage you to familiarize yourself with the offer of the el12 electrical wholesaler.

Forbes Diamonds

Forbes Diamonds - the award is given to companies that have achieved the highest average annual increase in value. Companies are assessed on the basis of financial statements submitted to the National Court Register. In addition, the generated list of winners is checked in order to eliminate enterprises in which a sharp increase in value was the result of one-off extraordinary events. The enterprise el12 sp. z o.o. has been receiving this award for several years in a row.

Medal of the National Euratom Commission

Medal of the Commission of National Education - a Polish departmental decoration awarded for special merits for education by the Minister of National Education. This award was received by the President of the el12 sp. z o.o. company. for all activities within the EL12 Academy Program.

The title of a Prudent Company is given to a company in recognition of consistent adherence to the Canon of Good Practices of Prudent Companies and the application of the following procedures: verification of reliability and solvency of contractors, preventing loss of payments by monitoring receivables and making quick decisions on recovering debts at risk of non-payment, applying the same standards of payment morality to ourselves and our contractors, and creating the best patterns in business relations. The el12 sp. z o.o. company received a certificate from Euleo.

Each year, Newsweek prepares a ranking of the most dynamic developing family businesses in Poland. The enterprise el12 sp. z o.o. in 2012 was ranked second in the category of medium-sized enterprises in the Opole region.

Logo-Firm Well-Perceived

The "Firma Well Perceived" title may be awarded to any private or state-owned enterprise or its branch that belongs to the Business Center Club. The main element to be assessed is the company's policy towards employees. The following are assessed: compliance with the principles of equal rights, tools and internal procedures conducive to equalizing professional opportunities for women and men; the effectiveness and methods of internal and external communication of the company regarding its socially responsible activities are also assessed. The purpose of the Good Company competition is to promote companies that run a socially responsible business and to spread knowledge about corporate social responsibility and effective methods of communicating about the company's social activities.

Business gazelles

The Business Gazelle is an award for a small or medium-sized enterprise which, thanks to dynamic development, is able to cope perfectly even among much larger competitors. The author of the ranking to the Business Gazelles is the Coface Poland business intelligence agency, which is responsible for verifying the financial data of the reported enterprises. The enterprise el12 sp. z o.o. has been receiving this award for several years.

European Medal

European Medal - this event is organized by BCC with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Its purpose is to distinguish and promote products and services offered by companies operating in Poland, to stimulate interest in European standards and regulations in force in the European Union. The European Medal is awarded to products and services that meet European standards . The nominated service or product must meet the standards required by law, have the appropriate patents, licenses, etc. Enterprise el12 sp. z o.o. has such a medal among other awards.

The Certificate of Reliability is a certificate of credibility, transparency and payment reliability of the company. It can be obtained as part of the Reliable Company program. The aim of this is to support the companies participating in it in building a reputation, strengthening a positive image and distinguishing them from the competition. The enterprise el12 sp. z o.o. has been receiving this certificate for several years.

Certificate of the Golden Payer - a distinction awarded to companies for maintaining the highest payment standards in 2014. The company el12 sp z o.o. was awarded by EULER HERMES.