Behind the 28-year-old RÁBALUX brand is a group of companies with international experience and stable financial foundations. The company's headquarters is located in Győr - one of the most dynamically developing cities in Hungary. This is also the location of the regional logistics center of the company, which has been present in many European countries since 2002: warehouses with a capacity of 20,000 pallets serve a growing network of business partners. The company, with a consolidated annual turnover of EUR 27 million, is constantly and dynamically developing. In addition to having 10 subsidiaries, we export our goods to a further 13 countries. The RÁBALUX brand is synonymous with operational reliability and an optimal price-quality ratio not only in terms of lamps intended for home use, but also classic and energy-saving light sources. The annually renewed portfolio of products corresponds to the latest trends, but also lovers of traditional style will find in our catalog - which contains about one and a half thousand items - suitable lamps for apartments and for outdoor use.