The POLAM-NAKŁO Installation Equipment Plant was founded in 1946 on the basis of the branch of the "Electrotechnical Articles Factory" in Bydgoszcz. The commercialization of the company was carried out on March 31, 1995 with the change of the name to POLAM NAKŁO S.A. Currently, POLAM NAKŁO S.A. is a company with a majority private shareholding. The first professionally published catalog in 1961 included 40 assortments of different varieties and types. At that time, the basic products included plug connectors up to 380 V. The remaining assortment included: layer connectors, fuse boxes and taps. All products in metal housings. 220 V accessories were also produced - mainly switches in "bakelite" and cast iron housings. The implemented technology of injection of thermoplastics (mainly polyamides and polycarbonates) enabled the production of products in housings made of these materials. The main product is still a group of plug-in connectors, and launching the production of various types of insulating boxes and modular switchgears resulted in a significant expansion of the range of manufactured products. In 1974, POLAM NAKŁO produced the first products in accordance with European standards. We are also a founding member of the Association of Polish Producers of Equipment for Low Voltage Overhead Power Lines SPIN. We are constantly modernizing our products and introducing new products. At the ENERGETAB fair in Bielsko-Biała, we received the Golden Lion award for the quick-connect insulating plug. We have been investing in the company for several years. Our goal is to strive to be the best company among manufacturers of electrical installation equipment, especially for three-phase power installations, which enjoys your recognition.