The L&L company based in Jaworzno was established in 1992. From the very beginning, the company's activity has been closely related to the construction of modern overhead networks, by providing modern equipment and tools for the construction of overhead cable lines. L&L's offer includes equipment for overhead telecommunications lines and low voltage power lines with insulated wires. Since 1999, we have introduced plastic cable chambers to our offer. In 2000, we started the production of grounding equipment of our own design. L&L is also a Design Office dealing with the design of telecommunications networks based on highly qualified employees and professional equipment facilities. Bearing in mind the need for continuous development of its activity, in January 2000 the company commissioned a modern office and production hall with an area of 3160m2. A part of the L&L company is Zakład Wyrobów Metalowych, opened in May 2000, where elements of pole reinforcement, earthing equipment, constructions and elements related to construction, and products in the field of artistic blacksmithing are made. The high quality of services and goods offered is guaranteed by the implemented Quality Management System ISO 9001:2000.