It is a German company specializing primarily in the production of an assortment in the field of fastening systems and designing modern solutions for interior fittings for automotive vehicles. Fischer's domain is the assortment from the branch of fixing systems. The company's offer includes 14,000 products in this field (plugs, screws, drills, anchors and many others). According to the manufacturer himself on his official website, Fischer products are perfectly matched in technical terms. The offer is also characterized by universality (it is addressed to both small do-it-yourselfers and large enterprises) and a high degree of innovation (there are exactly 13.2 patent applications per 1,000 employees). In addition to the fastening system, Fischer operates in other branches: automotive systems, Fischertechnik and Fischer consulting. The first one is the department for the production of comprehensive solutions for interior fittings for automotive vehicles. The projects created here are designed to increase the driving comfort of both the driver and the passenger. Fischertechnik, in turn, is a line of construction toys that are very popular around the world. Consulting is the newest branch of services offered by Fischer. It was created from the skills developed inside the company, in order to provide even better customer service. The company was founded in 1946 on the initiative of Arthur Fischer. The head office is located in Waldachtal-Tumilngen (about 60 km southwest of Stuttagrt). Initially, Fischer was a small family business. Currently, the brand's production plants are located, among others, in in Germany, USA, Argentina, Brazil, Czech Republic and China. Klaus Fischer, a descendant of the founder, has been at the helm of the company for over 40 years. In 2015, Fischer had more than 4,000 employees who managed to generate a consolidated turnover of 711 million euros on the global markets.