BPM Lighting Polska

BPM Lighting is a Spanish company operating since 1992. BPM Lighting products can be described as technical lighting, which is the foundation of the company's operations. By focusing on a specific element of the lighting industry, designers and engineers have achieved a very high level of their products. It is divided into three categories that define not only the functionality of the products, but also make it easy for the potential customer to find what he needs. Engineering Light is a line of lighting using aluminum. There are product groups such as busducts, lighting integrated with the ceiling, surface-mounted lighting, but also wall lamps and hanging lamps. Structural Light is a complete line of integrated lighting. Typically technical, but divided into integrated or continuous lighting. Here you can choose between lighting integrated with the ceiling or wall, surface-mounted ceiling or wall lighting, but also more classic hanging lamps. Lamps is the third category, which is an extremely general category, but it includes everything that we will not find in the previous ones. Here you can find countertop lighting systems and necessary accessories. BPM Lighting is known for its love of simplicity. This is mainly due to the young team of designers and engineers working with passion. The extraordinary care with which all the brand's products were made has been repeatedly appreciated throughout Europe. A relatively low price, which goes hand in hand with quality and design, meant that today BPM Lighting has a wide sales network around the world and three large European subsidiaries.