The BAKS company specializes in the production of metal support systems for the power industry, telecommunications and a number of types of cabling (e.g. water or pneumatic). It has been present on the market since 1986. BAKS has over 27,000 products in its catalog offer. The company produces e.g. various types of ladders and cable trays, metal constructions for photovoltaic installations, lighting systems, systems: E-30, E-60, E-90, underfloor and wall ducts, as well as all mounting and supporting elements. BAKS brand products are made with the use of technologically advanced machines - punching machines, lasers, welding robots and many others. A team of qualified experts and specialists ensures the high quality of the products. The BAKS company can boast of participation in many prestigious investments in Poland. The brand's products have been used in the construction of the largest football stadiums (e.g. in Wrocław, Gdańsk, Warsaw and Poznań), sewage treatment plants (Czajka in Warsaw, Sitkówka-Nowiny, WOŚ Wrocław), airports (Okęcie, Wrocław-Strachowice, Modlin and Jasionka) as well as a number of other facilities (including Sky Tower Wrocław, Jurajska Częstochowa, Millenium Hall Rzeszów, the second metro line in Warsaw, Power plants in Szczecin and Bełchatów, Zakłady Azotowe Puławy, Ożarów Cement Plant, Bogdanka-Stefanów Mine, Stora Enso Ostrołęka, Refineries Orlen i Lotos and the Amazon Logistics Center in Wrocław and Poznań). BAKS products have been present on foreign markets for many years. The company has participated in the implementation of various facilities in Germany, Austria, France, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Russia, Great Britain, Sweden, Hungary, Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, Azerbaijan, Latvia, Turkmenistan, Pakistan, Qatar and Mexico. The BAKS company was awarded with the Dynamiczna Firma Certificate, which is awarded to companies with a significant increase in importance on the market.