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Programmable control clock - impulse PCZ-523 PCZ-523

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Product description

Clock functions
AUTOMATIC OPERATION - operation according to the ON-OFF COMMAND programmed by the user of the clock memory.
MANUAL OPERATION - [ON] permanent closing of the contact ( items 1-5) or [OFF] permanently disconnecting the contact (items 1-6)
PROGRAM - one of the two program lines with individual entries COMMAND ON-HOLD, controlling the contact activating the receiver.
ON-HOLD COMMAND - a single program entry according to which the receiver will be switched on and off. /> * a single day of the week: Mo; Here; In; th; Fr; Sa or Su.
 * working days: Mo TuWe Th Fr (Monday to Friday).
 * weekend days: SaSu (Saturday and Sunday)
 * daily: Mo TuWe ThFr SaSu (Monday to Sunday).
AUTOMATIC TIME CHANGE - The change from winter to summer time is made automatically at night, on the last Sunday in March at 2.00 (by adding 1 hour to the current time). The change from summer to winter time is made automatically at night, on the last Sunday in October at 3.00 am (by subtracting 1 hour from the current time).
DST - Daylight Saving Time - global name of summer time solar). A function that allows you to disable the automatic time change.
DATE VIEW - In the AUTOMATIC OPERATION mode, pressing the OK button displays the set date (dd-mm-yy). after 5 sec. the clock will automatically go to the main level.
RESTART - Restarting the processor with a special button - necessary when the clock function is suspended. Does not delete DATE and TIME settings and entries in CONFIGURATION in memory.
RESET MEMORY ("deep" reset) - erases all previous settings of DATE, TIME and all ONÓW COMMAND-HOLD from memory.

Technical data

  • Time error
  • Clock back-up time
    6 years (lithium battery)
  • Setting accuracy
  • The number of program memory cells
    250[2×(62 pairs of COMMANDS ON/TR/program line)]
  • Installation
    On the TH-35 rail
  • screw connection
    2.5mm screw terminals
  • Dimensions
    2 modules (35mm)
  • Package height [mm]
  • Package weight [kg]
    0, 2
  • Display backup time
  • Accuracy [min]
  • Number of contacts
    0NO 0NC
  • Power [W]
  • load current [A]
  • Working temperature [°C]
  • Power
    24-264V AC/DC
  • Package width [mm]
  • Accuracy [s]

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