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This category includes time relays, i.e. a special type of programmers used in home and industrial automation, which perform various functions at a pre-programmed time, e.g. delay switching on of a given element. Although usually this type of equipment is a very simple design, it is now used for more and more advanced tasks.

Time relays, also referred to as timers, are an indispensable element of constructions based on automation. They are found in the broadly understood industry, construction and even the water and sewage industry. Currently, they are a sensation in home installations, where with their help you can program the functioning of individual systems quite freely, so that they work according to the needs of users.

How do timers work?

The main task of time relays is to regulate the working time and breaks of the systems it supports. As with classic devices of this type, the equipment reacts to a change of a certain input physical quantity, so in time copies the reaction occurs cyclically after the programmed period has elapsed. So it is not a product for ad hoc use. It is primarily used to adjust the functioning of individual installations to your own preferences.

Types of time relays

Time relays come in different variants. It stands out above all:

  • single-function models,
  • dual-function models,
  • multifunctional models.

As the names of individual programmers themselves indicate, they are able to handle a certain number of functions. The simplest mechanisms are used to regulate only one range of activities. Slightly more advanced copies are able to control two functions. The most comprehensive and universal are multifunctional time relays, which can be assigned to regulate several actions for many systems. The choice of the right type of programmer is very important in this respect, because it can affect the later efficiency of the equipment and the entire system it supports.

In addition, installation and industrial time relays are distinguished. The latter are a bit more advanced and designed to support more complex systems and installations to which, for example, equipment using extremely high voltage is connected. Industrial relays are also generally larger. In addition, there are one-, two-, three- and four-pole relays. Choosing the right one depends on the installation in which the equipment is to be ultimately found. In addition, there are models with different programming methods – using knobs, dipswitches and LED displays. The first two types are more classic. In their case, setting the relay operation consists in manually determining the reaction time of the equipment by using physical regulators. More modern relays, however, already have a small screen size, where the operating mode of the equipment is easily set using buttons. Timing relays can also be powered with various voltages ranging from 12 to 240V D/C.

Timer functions

Timers have four basic functions, i.e. they can delay switching on, they delay the so-called falling, delay release and pickup, and become a flashing relay with a control contact. In practice, this means that using this type of equipment, you can remotely control electricity receivers, elements of lighting, heating, air conditioning and ventilation. Therefore, they are the basis for individual programming of this type of systems operating at home. Time relays are commonly used in so-called smart buildings.

Using relays has many benefits. First of all – individual systems in the house work as previously specified by the user. If the established scheme of operation of the given installation meets the expectations of household members, there is basically no need to constantly interfere with the devices. Programmers provide great comfort. In addition, they allow you to save on bills. Their programming is simple, and possible changes in the operation of selected systems can be carried out in just a few minutes.

Time relays in the offer of the online store

On you can find many types of time relays, adapted to support various systems or installations. We offer accessories designed for the following functions:

  • 0NO 0NC 1CO,
  • 0NO, 0NC, 2CO,
  • 1NO, 0NC, 0CO,
  • 1NO, 1NC, 0CO,
  • 2NO, 0NC, 0CO.

We have single, double and multifunctional relays. In addition, our assortment includes only programmers from reputable manufacturers. We sell accessories of such brands as Eaton, Elektrobok, ETI Polam, F&F, Finder, Hager, Kanalux, Noark, Orno Polska Zamel and Schneider Electric.

It is possible to select relays due to various parameters, e.g. rated voltage. We offer models powered by 4V, 24V, 110V, 120V and 230V. In addition, we have units that support a rated current of 1.5 to 1000A.

We offer mechanical, analog and digital programmers, programmers with an astronomical function, as well as sealable devices. When choosing these more advanced devices (with displays), it is worth paying attention to the clear menu layout and ergonomic keyboard.

Timers – order fulfillment time

When ordering time relays at, you can be sure that your purchases will be completed as soon as possible. As a standard, the waiting period for the ordered products is from 1 to 3 working days. The exceptions are situations when a given relay model is not currently in stock. During this time, the completion of purchases may be extended. Information about the expected delivery time and current stock levels are always displayed on the product card, next to the technical specification. If you have any questions or doubts regarding the availability of selected time relays, please contact our customer service.

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