ASTAT was founded in 1992. It specializes in the production of industrial automation components. ASTAT's offer is divided into nine basic sections: • industrial automation, • Energy and measurement, • EMC and measurement systems, • Adhesive tapes and glues, • Cables and cable accessories, • Cabinets, casings, air conditioning and ventilation, • Quality of electricity, • energy management, • Modern building. In the field of industrial automation, ASTAT offers, among others: electromagnetic relays, coupling modules, a wide range of ELCO solid-state relays, connectors, cable and wire marking systems, cable assembly systems, pilot equipment (e.g. buttons, lamps and switches), as well as signaling devices and elevator and crane systems. In the energy and metering category, ASTAT enables customers to purchase, for example, current and voltage transformers, MBS energy meters, analog meters, testing devices, measuring clamps, power supplies, measuring transducers, network parameter analyzers, as well as all energy recording devices. EMC and measurement systems include: design, construction and possible modernization of measurement facilities, implementation and training in the field of measurements, selection and delivery of elements reducing EMI disturbances, design and modifications of devices in terms of EMC, as well as service of measuring instruments. ASTAT's offer also includes one-sided and double-sided adhesive tapes, industrial labels, self-adhesive blanks, heaters, fans, air conditioners, housing elements, lamps, thermostats and a wide range of cable accessories - control cables, fiber optic cables, data transmission cables, telecommunication cables, rubber cables , spiral, energetic and many others. ASTAT's offer is complemented by the assortment necessary to create the so-called modern building. Among this type of equipment you can find, for example, intelligent installations, sockets, luminaires, dimmers, thermostats, motion sensors, clocks, relays and twilight switches.