Wire markers

Wire markers are used for efficient identification of various types of bundles and electrical cables in various types of installations. Installation of the appropriate type of marker allows you to label wires even in hard-to-reach places.

They are most often used in machine control boxes and electrical switchboards. Appropriate marking is necessary for efficient assembly and disassembly of cabling, and also allows for quick localization of damaged elements and their replacement.

The markers are available in various colors and have different mounting systems. They can be mounted on:

  • clips,
  • slippers,
  • tags,
  • adhesive tape.

Both markers and mounting accessories are available in the store's offer.

What to remember when choosing markers

Markers should be characterized by, among others, resistance to the influence of solvents and acids used when cleaning electrical devices. Otherwise, the descriptions placed on them could become illegible after a long time.

An essential feature of such equipment is also resistance to weather conditions, including temperature and humidity fluctuations. The markers should be made of self-extinguishing materials limiting the risk of fire, and also have an indelible print, which will allow for free reading even despite significant operation or device failure. If the wires are exposed to extremely corrosive substances or may be susceptible to mechanical damage, it is worth considering the choice of markers made of stainless steel.

The markers should not slide off the wire so that their subsequent location is easy. For this purpose, flexible material is used for the production of their elements, thanks to which the markers adhere closely to the wires.

Their installation can be facilitated by special tools in which the wire is inserted, then markers are put on it and mounted. Before using such an applicator, make sure that the tape with markers has been pushed to the front of the device.