Ventilation is a general term for the exchange (circulation) of air between the rooms of a given facility and the space outside. In other words, it is a process of removing polluted air, e.g. from a house, and supplying it with fresh air.

Ventilation is, next to heating, a key element of the functioning of every building. It is necessary wherever people and animals are present on a daily basis. Properly designed and properly functioning, it has a huge impact on the comfort of using individual rooms. Access to fresh air definitely facilitates the performance of various daily duties, and is also very important for health. 

Basic types of ventilation

There are several types of ventilation in a building. The basic type is natural air exchange, which is obtained by creating a draft in the room. In addition, correct circulation can be obtained by using the phenomenon of gravity. Such ventilation is based on the pressure difference between the room in the house and the outside space. The polluted air is naturally sucked out of the building through ventilation grilles, and fresh air flows inside through other channels (windows, diffusers).

Buildings are designed in such a way that natural ventilation is a sufficient way to ensure the supply of fresh air. Unfortunately, it happens that for various reasons such methods of circulation are insufficient. This is when mechanical solutions come to the rescue. We are talking here about controlled ventilation by means of devices. This method works regardless of weather conditions and forces air flow at the user's request. Mechanical ventilation is divided into two basic types:

  • exhaust ventilation – consists in removing polluted air through exhaust ducts using fans. Its drawback is the fact that fresh air is supplied naturally through vents.
  • supply and exhaust ventilation – both exhaust and air supply are completely mechanical.

Mechanical ventilation has many advantages. It gives you the opportunity to adjust the circulation process to your own needs or preferences. It also effectively supports insufficient air exchange occurring by the forces of nature. Its disadvantage is, of course, additional costs that must be taken into account by the owners of facilities who want to equip the building with this type of amenities.

In addition, there are hybrid solutions, i.e. those that combine natural and mechanical ventilation. They are used depending on the demand for fresh air in a given facility and the weather conditions prevailing in a given area.

Ventilation system versus health and safety

The lack of properly functioning ventilation has far-reaching consequences. The first symptom of insufficient circulation is mold appearing in the building. A frequent symptom of such a problem is also condensation on the window panes. They appear especially often during frosts, when the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the building is exceptionally large. Poorly ventilated facilities are also characterized by a perceptible high level of humidity. In addition, rooms with improperly functioning ventilation are easy to recognize after performing a simple test. It is enough to put a lighter with fire to one of the grates. If it does not go to the shaft, we are dealing with the so-called reverse thrust. Such a phenomenon is extremely conducive to the formation of mold and fungus.

As mentioned, poor ventilation is bad for your health. Staying in rooms with insufficient circulation is most often associated with recurrent headaches. They are accompanied by general fatigue of the body. In addition, the lack of air exchange promotes irritation of the nasal mucosa and the appearance of recurrent runny nose. In addition, you can get more serious respiratory diseases or allergies. Just the fungus on the building causes it to deteriorate quickly.

Elements of the ventilation system in the offer

The store offers various types of elements used to create efficient ventilation in various types of buildings. Their use significantly facilitates ensuring proper circulation in specific rooms, and a large selection of individual accessories allows you to choose them according to individual preferences.

The category includes e.g. roof fans. These are special devices that ensure proper air exchange, which are placed on the roofs of buildings. They are used mainly in halls, office buildings and public facilities. It is recommended to place them wherever indoor air pollution is extremely high.

On we also sell exhaust fans. These are electrically powered devices supporting gravitational ventilation. Activated on demand, they effectively remove polluted air from the room. Importantly, when using this type of solution, care should be taken to ensure the sources of fresh air flow from the outside of the building. Our product range includes fans intended for both residential buildings and slightly more advanced devices adapted, for example, to production facilities.

In addition, the offer also includes duct fans. As their name suggests – they are placed in ready exhaust ducts, usually located in the walls. They are perfect for rooms that are extremely exposed to moisture. It is also good to install them in smoky places (e.g. in smoking rooms or industrial rooms).

Ventilation and cooling

A separate group of products are fans designed to slightly cool their immediate surroundings. We sell small-sized office equipment and a fan placed on a special stand. It is an attractive and cheap alternative to air conditioning solutions. In addition, we offer various ventilation accessories, such as ducts, connectors, filters, semiconductor knobs, grilles, thermostats, dampers and many others.

Depending on the type of product, you can find an assortment with the following air flow:

  • 95m3/h,
  • 100m3/h,
  • 106m3/h,
  • 150m3/h,
  • 180m3/h,
  • 292m3/h,
  • 405m3/h.

Individual equipment used to make an efficient ventilation system has a rotational speed in the range of 1300-2550 RPM. The offer includes accessories with the following power:

  • 7.6W,
  • 12W,
  • 14W,
  • 14.3W,
  • 15W,
  • 16W,
  • 19W,
  • 20W,
  • 22W,
  • 24W,
  • 36W,
  • 40W,
  • 43 W specializes in the sale of equipment from reputable manufacturers. We offer ventilation equipment, e.g. brands such as Astat, Vents, Elektro-Plast Opatówek, Emiter, Ergom, Hager, Kanlux, Legrand, Eaton and Schneider Electric. Most of the presented products are available immediately. In such cases, the order processing time should not be longer than three working days. It happens, however, that some equipment is currently out of stock. At that time, it may take up to several weeks to deliver them to the indicated address. Estimated delivery time is always provided on the product card.