Twilight switches, automatic staircase switches and dimmers

A twilight switch is an electrical device whose main task is to remotely switch on and off a specific device depending on the light intensity. Most often, this type of equipment is used to automatically turn on outdoor lamps after dark and turn them off when, for example, it begins to dawn. The twilight switch is one of the basic elements used to construct an efficient and complete intelligent building system.

Outdoor lighting has several functions. First of all – is to facilitate moving around the house after dark. Secondly – light at the door, windows, alleys of the property, entrance gate, etc. increases the sense of security. An uninvited guest, such as a wild animal or a thief, will be less likely to enter the illuminated area. Thirdly – external lighting is a decorative element. Properly arranged, it gives the property a unique character. It is important that lamps located outside the walls of a residential building are not only fully functional, but also that they can be used in the most convenient and automated way possible. This is where the twilight switch comes in handy. This equipment allows you to turn the lighting on and off with virtually no physical human intervention.

How does the twilight switch work?

The operation of the twilight switch can be simply described as follows: the equipment independently turns on the lamps connected to it (rarely other electrical devices) when it gets dark and turns them off when the first rays of the sun appear outside. Such actions of this type of programmer are provided by a photoresistor. This element recognizes the moment when the light intensity outside drops. Then, the resistance of the switch increases, which activates the flip-flop and turns on the lamp. An analogous reaction occurs when the photoresistor registers an increased intensity of external light. The only difference is that the final reaction of the process is to turn off the lighting.

What's important – the photoresistor reacts only to changes in natural (sun) light. So you cannot manipulate its operation with artificial lighting. At the same time, this feature indicates that the equipment equipped with this element should be located in a place well exposed to the sun's rays. Then the switch will be able to react with the greatest precision and without major disturbances to the given lighting conditions outside.

Twilight switch with probe

There are several types of twilight switches (also referred to as twilight sensor). One of them are the so-called probe models. The device is equipped with an element commonly called a pillow, which is directly responsible for detecting the intensity of sunlight. Usually, these switches also have long cables (even several meters) to facilitate direct connection of the lamps. In addition, high-end devices with a probe have built-in mechanisms that delay the activation of the installation. This allows you to regulate the operation of the device and better adjust the lighting to your needs.

Twilight switches with a probe should be installed in places with constant access to natural light (i.e. they cannot be located in locations that will quickly be shaded). Only under such conditions can they operate without any disturbances. They are perfect, for example, for automatically switched on and off lamps illuminating the alleys on the property or the access road.

Twilight switch with motion sensor

Twilight sensors equipped with a motion detector are one of the most commonly used accessories for automatic switching on or off of lighting systems. These models have a photosensitive component that reacts to changes in light intensity. At the same time, they are equipped with a mechanism that leads to the appropriate reaction of the equipment only when the light pulse lasts continuously for a certain period of time. This naturally delays the switching on or off of the lighting a bit, but also ensures greater precision of the switch's operation. This prevents, for example, starting the lamps during violent lightning discharges.

Twilight switch with clock

There are also twilight switches with a clock on the market. This equipment can be programmed in such a way that the measurement of the intensity of the sun's rays begins at the same, fixed time. If the lower set value is exceeded, the lamps will start. The system will automatically turn off in turn if the light intensity becomes too high. It is an ideal solution for residential buildings. Timer switches will certainly be appreciated by people looking for ways to reduce electricity consumption and thus reduce electricity bills.

The twilight switch can also be present in various variants, taking into account the method of assembly. This is how sensors installed on a rail and placed in a box are distinguished.

Twilight switch – what to follow when shopping

Twilight switches have various technical parameters. First check the power supply to the equipment. The most popular are the mechanisms operating under the voltage of 230V.

It is also a good idea to verify the temperature at which the equipment can safely operate. This should be between -25 and about 50 degrees Celsius. For this, it is recommended to verify the degree of protection of the product. If it is to be resistant to adverse weather conditions, it should be marked with the IP65 symbol.

The purpose of the switch is of great importance. If it is to handle lamps even several meters apart, it will be a good idea to invest in sensors with a probe. If, however, we care about full functionality and convenience of operation, you can opt for clock accessories, which give a lot of room for maneuver in the context of product programming.

Twilight switch – advantages

  • Convenience – the light turns on and off automatically. You don't have to remember to turn on or off the lighting at specific times every day.
  • Save – the switch turns on the lamps only when they are actually needed. This reduces electricity consumption and translates into lower bills.
  • Versatility – switches are suitable both for use on household premises, as well as on large workplaces or in parking lots.
  • Price – twilight sensors are not expensive. High-quality equipment can be purchased for less than PLN 100. The price of the device depends on its parameters and specifications.

Twilight switch – offer of the store

This product category includes twilight switches from the special EXTA building automation product line. These are innovative solutions by ZAMEL intended primarily for the construction of modern smart house systems. The EXTA family of accessories allows you to control virtually every element of the installation in an extremely simple and intuitive way. At the same time, they are universal products, distinguished from the competition by a simple installation method. We offer e.g. a switch for surface mounting, automatic staircase switches (allowing to switch on the lamps in the staircases), probe and probeless sensors, etc. In addition, it is possible to purchase twilight switches from other manufacturers. These products are available in the category of photoelectric relays, which are one of the product groups used to create automatic installations.

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