TV sockets
RTV sockets are used for easy connection of mobile network elements. Most often they are equipped with an additional resistor and have the ability to eliminate high-value coupling. This category includes both typical power sockets (splash-proof, flush-mounted, surface-mounted), antenna sockets, computer sockets, telephone sockets, as well as specialist sockets. One of the types of RTV sockets are antenna sockets. The antenna installation is one of the types of electrical installation, and its task is to ensure radio and television reception. Antenna sockets are used, among others, for for transmitting a TV signal from a terrestrial antenna or satellite to receivers. When planning the installation, it is worth considering where the sockets will be located in order to avoid later problems with the signal supply to the TV set or set-top box. The sockets are available in various sizes and colors so that they do not disfigure the space in which they are located. RTV sockets can be divided into broadband (R), in which the signal is divided, e.g. between the radio and TV set, thanks to a splitter, and band (TV), using a special filter for this purpose. Bandwidth sockets have the advantage over broadband sockets that they provide better separation between receiver outputs. There are also multimedia sockets that distribute computer and telephone network signals. Sockets characterized by the so-called dual SAT distribution, which allow you to connect a tuner with a recording function. Most of the TV sockets in our range are available in white, beige, brown, graphite or black. The sockets also differ in the way they are mounted. Using the filters available on the website, you can find e.g. such surface-mounted or flush-mounted.