Tool belts and bags

This category of products includes tool belts and bags, which is one of the basic elements of the equipment of every DIY enthusiast, electrician or construction worker. They allow you to conveniently store and transport all the most necessary tools. Well-chosen bags or belts also guarantee easy access to individual accessories during various works.

It might seem that the purchase of a belt or assembly bag is not a complicated operation. But nothing could be further from the truth – individual models of this type of products are distinguished by various specific solutions, which is why they are addressed to very specific groups of recipients. Completely different tool bags will be useful to a home handyman, and different to a construction manager. Various copies will also be looked at by people who work in difficult conditions (e.g. at heights).

A fitter's bag tailored to the type of work performed

The tool bag should first be selected in terms of what kind of work you do every day, as well as what tools you use. If we want to store and carry basic equipment in one place, the simplest, light bag or small box with a comfortable handle will be enough. However, if we usually use heavier equipment, e.g. power tools or car keys, then it is worth investing in a more durable and, above all, larger product.

For professionals who need to transport their tools often and have them always at hand, and at the same time it is not a heavy equipment, we can recommend comfortable and handy backpacks. Recently, they are gaining popularity and are slowly replacing traditional bags. The latter, however, also follow the latest trends. Not only does their appearance become more and more attractive, but they also allow you to keep your tools in proper order. In the past, there was chaos in tool bags. Now in this type of products there are special compartments that allow you to store accessories according to your preferences and needs, in a convenient and handy order.

A separate type of product are assembly belts. These are intended for do-it-yourselfers or specialists who often perform their duties outside the workshop. They are ideal for storing and transporting tools during field work and in difficult conditions. The belts are highly appreciated on construction sites and among electricians. In both cases, they often provide access to tools when working at height.

Made of assembly bag

When buying a tool bag, it is worth paying attention to its workmanship. The absolute basis for each model should be a stiffened bottom and reinforced side walls. They ensure a stable construction of the product, even if heavy tools are moved with it. To store light and non-sharp accessories, items made of material, mainly synthetic fabrics, should be sufficient. In other cases, it may be necessary to invest in an assembly bag made of leather.

An important element is also the closing system. Bags can be closed with buckles, a classic zipper, snaps or Velcro. The last one seems to be the least handy solution. It is also worth paying attention to the handle. This one should always be solid. On the other hand, with tool backpacks, you should look at the shoulder straps. They must be durable enough not to break under the weight of the equipment being moved.

If, however, you need to buy a tool belt, you should check how many compartments a given product has, but also what material it was made of. Leather models will work best, as they are characterized by the longest lifespan.

Fitter bags not only for DIYers

Tool bags are useful not only for DIY enthusiasts, construction workers or electricians. This product will also be appreciated by IT specialists who deal with e.g. setting up or repairing ICT networks.

Plumbers will also appreciate this product for sure. A good fitter's bag allows you to store various types of tools, as well as other elements necessary to perform various repair work, such as cables, wires, clamps, testers and many other small accessories.

Assembly bags ensure adequate work comfort

The great advantage of assembly bags is the fact that they significantly increase the comfort of work. They allow you to easily carry the necessary tools to various locations - transport of keys, screwdrivers, electrical appliances, etc. is much more convenient thanks to this simple product.

Each specialist can have all the basic elements of their equipment at hand, also outside the workshop. In addition, all tools can be stored in complete order. This, in turn, ensures that nothing is lost and everything is in the right place.

Fitter bags and belts in the store's offer

The store sells various types of belts and tool bags. We have classic material copies, comfortable boxes with compartments made of plastic, modern backpacks  tools and standard belts.

In addition, the category includes tool cases, designed to store the largest tools, handy boxes and metal boxes in various sizes. In addition, the offer also includes vests equipped with special pockets for tools and plates for storing individual accessories, e.g. on the worktop in the workshop.

We offer products only from reputable brands. The assortment of the store includes assembly bags and belts from such manufacturers as Hager, Haupa and Sonel.

We process all orders within a maximum of three working days. The exception are products that we currently do not have in stock. At that time, the delivery of the ordered equipment may take up to several weeks. The approximate delivery time is always shown on the product card, next to the technical specification.

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