Tape led

LED strips are a special type of light-emitting diodes in the form of a flexible and easy-to-install strip. These are usually several hundred diodes attached to a flexible PCB, additionally, for the hermetic version, the tape is completely covered with silicone.

There is a double-sided adhesive tape under the plate, which facilitates the installation of the tape to the selected surface (even with various types of bends and angles). Individual tape models are distinguished by the number and type of LEDs per roll (the standard length of the tape on a roll is 5 m), as well as by the color of light and the degree of tightness.

This solution is used in places where it is difficult or impossible to mount standard lamps (e.g. recesses, niches, countertops, cabinets). LED strips are used mainly as additional and decorative lighting, especially that LEDs are available in various colors.

Just like standard LED lighting, the tapes are characterized by energy efficiency, low operating costs and no harmful UV radiation. The EL12 range includes LED strips with a power of 0.27 to 125 W and three types of light color – warm, natural and cool. You can also choose from the following colors: white, yellow, red, blue, orange, green. Multicolor (RGB) solutions are also available.

How to cut and connect LED strip

LED strips are available in rolls and to adjust the length of the material to the selected sizes, it is enough to cut it with ordinary scissors. It is important, however, to perform them in the place marked on the tape. Otherwise, the whole thing will be damaged.

The connection of the LED strip with the power cable is made using a soldering iron and soldering tin. Tin should be applied to the soldering points marked on the tape. In the same way, you need to prepare the ends of the cable and then connect them to the points on the LED strip.

Following the same scheme, you can connect two LED strips. In this case, you should also start with soldering the contacts and gluing the tapes to an even and smooth surface. It is enough to solder the elements of the LED strip prepared in this way.