table lamps
Table lamps, on the one hand, have a decorative function, on the other hand, they are also very functional for office work. Table lamps are a type of lighting that can be used in virtually any type of room. In the bathroom, they will make the room cozy, and in the bedroom they will be a source of pleasant, slightly subdued light, needed to relax or read a book. Their main advantage is that they decorate the interior, but they do not distribute diffused light in the room. In return, they accurately illuminate the selected part of the room that we want to expose. The choice of the type of table lamp should therefore result from its intended use. A lamp with the function of adjusting the direction of light will be best for work, and a classic lamp with a shade for the living room or dining room. It is also worth considering the issue of power supply. If we want the lamp to always stand in the same place, we can opt for a model powered from the mains via a cable. If we need the light source to be mobile, it is better to opt for a device powered by batteries or accumulators. Table lamps in the El12 offer are available in many shapes and colors to make it easier to match them to various types of rooms.