Switchboards and enclosures

Switchboards and enclosures


Switchboards and enclosures

Electric switchboard is a crucial element of electricity network. Its main function, as the name implies, is the distribution but also conversion and transmission of electricity between circuits and subsystems. The switchboard makes the entire process safe and efficient. At the same time, it is an additional protection of an electric circuit, protecting some elements essential for proper functioning of the network from contaminants or mechanical damage.      

The switchboard helps to regulate electric energy parameters, facilitates various metering of networks and also enables the management of control devices work which is especially important in case of electricity networks located in industrial facilities.

How does the switchboard work?

Dividing the current to specific circuits, in a way the switchboard supplies power to individual devices connected to the network. It usually includes components that can be divided into several minor groups: control devices (e.g., contactors or relays), protection (fuses, circuit breakers, ground fault circuit interrupters or surge arresters), measurement (electricity meter, current transformer), and regulation (e.g. PLC, industrial computer and controllers)

Basic types of switchboards

There are many types of switchboards. The different types can be divided in several ways. The principle of equipment construction is the basic criterion. In this respect, a distinction is made between box switchboards, cabinet switchboards and panel switchboards. All of them are included in the group of low-voltage switchboards. Box models are used primarily for the operation of installations in industrial facilities, where the operating current does not exceed several hundred amperes. As their name implies, they consist of dimensionally standardized boxes, which are connected together by screws or wedges. They are then mounted to metal support structures or directly to the building wall.

In the past, box switchboards were made of cast iron. On the one hand, they exhibited very high resistance to mechanical damage. However, on the other hand, they had no doors and the faceplates were mounted with screws to the housing, which significantly hampered handling. The current standard is to create box switchboards from sheet metal (or from a special insulating material).

Cabinet switchboard is used to handle operating currents not exceeding a value of several thousand amperes. Thus, it is a slightly more advanced solution. It is characterized by a specific design - this type of switchboard resembles industrial cabinets, which can be free-standing or wall-mounted. In addition, there are single-module and multi-module models. In the latter, some of the fixtures and switchboards are disassembled as plug-in connectors. They can be easily detached from the switchboard, as they take the form of drawers or pull-out carts.

Board switchboards

Board switchboards are the simplest in construction. In a nutshell, this is a set containing switching devices and fuses connected with a certain number of electric circuits to which current flows from the supply circuits. All elements are located on a single plane - the board, hence its name. This type of solution is still found today in many Polish homes or public facilities - schools, hospitals, etc. The equipment is primarily mounted inside buildings in a special distribution box made of insulating material. All electrical connections between the apparatuses of the structure are outside the board.

Place of switchboard installation 

The switchboard construction is not the only criterion for the division of this type of apparatus. There is a distinction between equipment, if only because of the place of installation. Here we can distinguish indoor and overhead models. There is also a division regarding the method of installation. In this case, there are such options as flush-mounted, surface-mounted or free-standing switchboards. In addition, a distinction is made between mobile (which can be easily moved) and stationary models. Switchboards are also divided according to the possibility of operation and the type of access to apparatus. There are models with one-way and two-way operation.

The division according to the method of mounting the basic electrical apparatuses in the current circuit of the switchboard field is worth noting. On this basis, there are single-member models, i.e. with permanently mounted apparatus, impossible to modify, and two-member models, with extendable and detachable apparatus elements. The individual technical data of the equipment, with the supported rated voltage at the forefront, are of course very important parameters differentiating switchboards.

Switchboards in el12 offer

On el12.pl we offer low-voltage electrical switchboards manufactured by leading European manufacturers. We have models from brands such as ABB, Astat, Atel, EM Group, Trytyt, Ergom, ETI Polam, Fibox, Hager, Haupa, Hensel, Kanlux, Karwasz, Eaton, Noark, PCE, SEZ and many others. We have both surface-mounted and flush-mounted switchboards and enclosures for a wide range of applications - from small installations in apartments or small businesses to large manufacturing and industrial halls. We offer complete equipment for switchboards and accessories necessary for proper operation of switchboards, including reducers, adapters, plugs, gaskets, glands, locks, mounting elements, hooks, handles, doors, etc. On el12.pl you can also find special rails for mounting the apparatus. For our customers, we have prepared an offer of aluminium rails, indoor insulators made of low-voltage plastic, and copper rails. Additionally, at our store you can purchase cable and measurement connectors (including free-standing insulators and overhead cable connectors). Our offer includes switchboards with the number of rows from 1 to 5.

You can also buy switchboard enclosures from el12

Switchboard enclosures are a separate part of the offer. From our store you can buy, among other things, insulating enclosures, and among them hermetic models, models suitable for distribution and p/t or n/t measurement of energy, as well as indoor switchboards. We also have various types of metal enclosures. It is possible to easily select a product for a given interior. This is because the offer includes enclosures in various colors (including white, black, gray), making it easy to mask the switchboard and make it unobtrusive. The enclosures provide aesthetic and effective protection of modular apparatus.

Products available in this category are characterized by various degrees of protection, including IP00, IP20, IP30, IP40, IP54, IP55, IP65, IP66, IP67, IP68 and many others.

When you buy from EL12.pl, you can be sure that you are purchasing high quality accessories. We make every effort to complete all orders in the shortest possible time. It usually takes us a maximum of three days to deliver the purchased products. However, the execution of an order may be prolonged if we do not currently have a particular product in stock. You can find stock information on the card of each product, just below the technical specifications. Not sure if a particular product will meet your expectations? Feel free to contact us or visit the warehouse in person.