Surface-mounted boxes

Installation boxes are used to connect wires of the electrical installation or to mount electrical equipment (electrical connectors, sockets, etc.). This is the basic element of every construction, which is why we want the offer to include all the necessary junction boxes to be mounted on the plaster.

How to choose a surface-mounted installation box?

Depending on the needs and requirements of the installation, various types of surface-mounted electrical boxes are available. They are divided into hermetic surface-mounted boxes (for various applications, for example splash-proof) as well as flush-mounted and floor boxes. They allow you to discreetly hide the wires, ensuring the aesthetic appearance of the entire installation. Floor boxes are usually made of plastic such as PVC. They are easy to handle and resistant to moisture, which makes them suitable for use in a variety of conditions, both inside and outside buildings.

The choice of the appropriate type of surface-mounted box depends on the specific needs and conditions of the installation – size will therefore be the main determinant. The most popular floor box models are 1-socket, 2-socket and 3-socket, although there are also larger boxes for mounting multiplexers and other devices. It is also important to ensure proper electrical protection – the use of high-quality insulation materials, the correct connection of wires and compliance with safety regulations are essential!

Installation of hermetic wall-mounted boxes

Surface-mounted boxes are mounted with screws or pins. Unlike recessed boxes, they do not require milling or cutting holes in the wall. Using a drill and a suitable drill, make holes in accordance with the markings of the assembly points, then place the box in the planned place and fix it. The next step is to connect the appropriate electrical wires to sockets or connectors in a hermetic box. Make sure all connections are secure!

In our offer you will find various surface-mounted boxes that match many solutions on the construction site. In addition, you can choose surface-mounted boxes in various colors, e.g. black. Feel free to contact us. We provide high quality products and professional advice in choosing the right installation solutions.