Street luminaires
The category includes high-quality street lighting fixtures manufactured with various types of technologies in mind. They are made of plastic resistant to changing weather conditions, such as moisture, extreme temperatures or wind. Thanks to this, the risk of corrosion or rapid wear of individual parts of the luminaires is negligible. The lamps in our assortment are adapted to light bulbs of various types and power - the luminaires have been designed for high-pressure sodium lamps, but also models adapted to energy-saving LED light sources, which significantly reduce electricity consumption costs and are characterized by long life and friendly color lights. The assortment includes luminaires in various colors and shapes, so that they can be adapted to the place where the lamp will be installed. The shades are made of transparent plastic, and depending on its type, the color and intensity of the emitted light are different. Some street luminaires are also equipped with a special ballast that will facilitate installation, as well as a remote control and a receiver, thanks to which you can control the lighting when mounted in a place that is difficult to access, e.g. on a high pole. When making a choice, it is worth paying attention to the Street OC luminaire. It uses LED technology, which offers not only high light efficiency, but also has a great color rendering, white light that improves the vision of details at night. Another advantage of LED luminaires is their immediate ignition, thanks to which Street OC works perfectly both on the street and in the square or parking lot. The store's offer includes street luminaires from reputable and proven manufacturers. After clicking on the selected product, you can check their exact specification, including: mounting method, maximum power of the light source, number of light sources, cable length and light color.