sodium bulbs
Sodium bulbs, also called high-pressure lamps, are a type of discharge lamp in which the light source is a glow tube containing sodium, mercury and a support gas (usually xenon). As a standard, they give light with a color of 2000 K. Their rated power is in the range of 50-1000 W (although there are also models with a power of 35 W), and the operating time can be up to 24,000 hours (depending on the design). Ballasts are required for their operation. The color of the light they produce is described as yellow, golden-yellow or orange. This type of bulbs are mainly used in systems requiring lighting sources with very high luminous efficiency and long durability. Sodium lamps work well for both indoor and outdoor lighting. Our assortment includes bulbs of various sizes and shapes from several reputable manufacturers. We offer sodium lamps with a luminous flux of 2300-130000 lm with various types of caps.