Electrical sockets -,k1271 Electrical sockets are one of the basic elements of the electrical installation. Their primary task is to connect mobile network elements easily, quickly and safely. It is difficult to imagine the functioning of a modern home without various types of sockets, also commonly referred to as sockets. Thanks to them, it is possible to connect a number of everyday devices to the power supply, including electronics and household appliances. This type of equipment has a simple structure and can be installed in most cases by oneself, without having specialist knowledge in the field of electricity. Electrical sockets come in several variants. The basic division distinguishes single models (intended for connecting one plug) or double models (intended for connecting two plugs). Less common are copies that allow connecting more devices to the electrical network. If we want to connect e.g. four plugs in one place, then it will be necessary to create as many cable outlets for separate contacts or to obtain a special electrical strip. In addition, individual units may differ in the method of installation. The offer of the store includes wall-mounted sockets (usually intended for utility rooms), wall-mounted sockets, duct-mounted sockets, adapted for installation in a TH-35 rail, surface-mounted, flush-mounted, hybrid and snap-mounted. The choice of contact should be dictated not only by the type of fitting installation, but also by its purpose. It is of great importance what devices will be most often connected to a given socket. Different models should be chosen, for example, for the bedroom or hall, and completely different ones for the bathroom. In the case of the latter room, it is very important to install splash-proof sockets with IP-44 protection (standard contacts are products with IP-22 protection). They have a special flap and a sealing set, thanks to which the equipment is protected against water and moisture. In turn, for utility rooms that are extremely exposed to flooding, it is recommended to purchase sockets with IP-56 protection. Currently, sockets with the so-called pin-shaped grounding. These types of models guarantee greater safety and are recommended for installation in rooms where it is planned to use high-power devices. However, you can still meet contacts that do not have factory grounding. Such sockets are best used to connect simple devices or auxiliary lighting to the network (e.g. a desk or bedside lamp). In addition, there are electrical sockets with current path shutters on the market. This is a special type of sockets in which the openings have been equipped with a protective partition that prevents insertion of objects other than plugs into them. It is an ideal solution for people with small children. In addition to sockets with a classic grounding in the form of a pin, there are also contacts with schuko grounding. In them, the protective function is performed by two small metal elements placed on both sides of the plug hole. Such sockets can be found primarily in Germany, but nothing prevents them from being used in Poland. In addition to the most classic sockets designed for round-shaped plugs, you can find copies to which flat plugs are connected. Typically, this type of equipment is not grounded at the factory and is best used for low-power devices. Today, sockets are not only functional accessories, but also an important element of interior design. Their design and color should match the style of the room. Contacts are usually available in a variant for mounting in a special frame or complete (i.e. the contact already has a frame around it, usually made of plastic). The store offers items in several colors: anthracite, beige, white, brown, black, red, graphite, blue, orange, silver, grey, green and gold. This gives the possibility of precise selection of accessories so that it does not stand out with its design from other elements of the decor. The most classic are, of course, white sockets. Gray, silver or black contacts are most often chosen for modern interiors. In turn, models in expressive colors work well in children's rooms. A novelty on the market are modern smart sockets, the characteristic feature of which is the lack of permanent attachment to the electrical installation. They enable remote control and management of energy consumption for individual devices from a smartphone, and even voice control. This solution is ideal for smart houses. So far, they are used relatively rarely. At, we offer electrical sockets from renowned manufacturers. We have models of dozens of leading brands on the market. In addition to classic network sockets, our assortment includes RTV sockets intended for connecting to them, for example, an antenna cable for receiving TV channels. These are usually small models with characteristic narrow openings, mounted in the wall behind TV sets. In addition, we offer computer sockets that support such connectors as HDMI, HDMI+RJ45, minijack, RCA, USB, VGA and a number of RJ plugs (including RJ11, RJ45, RJ50, RJ60 and many others). Thanks to them, it is possible to connect various types of mobile devices (e.g. smartphone, laptop or tablet) and capture the image displayed on their screens in such a way that it appears on the TV set. This solution will also work for connecting a digital set-top box or DVD player. In some rooms, this type of system is much more convenient than connecting equipment directly to the TV. We also offer telephone sockets for connecting an analog telephone and a computer modem. Such solutions are used less and less often, but they are still used in many Polish homes. They are also an inseparable element of office equipment, conference rooms and other public facilities. Among the electrical sockets we offer, there are also specialized insulating models equipped with a thick protective flap. This type of equipment is used in places exposed to moisture, where at the same time standard splash-proof contacts will be insufficient (at least due to the power of the devices that will be connected to the network). Insulating electrical sockets will work, for example, in production halls, factories, workshops, etc. Another specialized type of sockets available in the offer of the online store are panel sockets adapted for direct mounting in the switchboard. We offer models supporting the rated current in the range from 10 to 125 A. A separate group of products are metal electrical sockets. These are models with a massive construction (usually made of aluminum), intended for outdoor use (e.g. in camping).