Shaped fluorescent lamps
U-shaped fluorescent lamps are a special type of discharge lamps with characteristic arc tubes made of curved glass tubes resembling the letter U. Their operation is the same as in the case of traditional fluorescent lamps - the tubes are covered with luminofluor on the inside (this compound produces radiation and is the main source of glow), and inside they are filled with mercury and argon vapors. The lamp contains tungsten electrodes that produce invisible UV radiation. Depending on the selection of luminofluors, ultraviolet is converted into light of a specific color. U-shaped fluorescent lamps are low-pressure and energy-saving light sources. They are mainly used in indoor lighting. Our range includes models with a power of 11 and 18 W and luminous fluxes of 905 and 1210 lm respectively. Among the available products, you can find lamps with three types of caps - 2G11, G23 and G24d-2. The light color of the proposed U-shaped fluorescent lamps is 3500-4800, most often referred to as natural.