The securityNET brand is part of C&C Partners, founded in 1992. However, the technical thought from which we derive dates back to 1930, when the cable holding company Twentsche Kabel Holding (TKH), of which we are a member, was established. From the beginning of our activity, we had an overriding goal — provide easy access to high-quality wiring that will facilitate the work of installers and electricians, regardless of their experience or the type of orders they carry out. We guarantee a complete range of products for building a computer network — both for offices and commercial facilities, to larger network and telecommunications environments. As a member of the TKH holding, we are one of the few in the world to produce components to create the network ourselves. Thanks to this, we have full control over their technical parameters and quality — also in optical fibers from preforms, through fiber, to the finished cable.