sealing materials
Sealing materials are products from the group of construction chemicals. The offer of the store includes tapes, silicones and sealants. Sealing tapes are used to seal technological gaps created, for example, during concreting and expansion joints in concrete and reinforced concrete structures. They are a means of preventing the ingress of water. Sealing tapes are simple and universal in use, they are usually bought on rolls (e.g. 50 m), from which you can cut the desired length with a knife, scissors or special devices. El12's offer includes, among others: double-sided acrylic adhesive tape that is transparent, very adhesive on smooth surfaces, resistant to moisture and that does not damage the substrate. Works best on surfaces such as metal, wood, glass, plastic, ceramics and rubber. It is useful for mounting brackets, signs, hooks, folding elements, etc. both indoors and outdoors. The store also offers universal adhesive tape resistant to UV radiation and a specialized adhesive strip for mounting concrete brackets in plastic. Silicones are primarily used to seal gaps and joints. Silicones sold in tubes are applied with a special gun - squeezer. The El12 offer includes silicones in various colors (white, black, transparent). These are materials resistant to aging, weather conditions and UV radiation, permanently elastic, for indoor and outdoor use. There are also products resistant to high temperature and fire resistant. The sealants available at are such materials as: technical petroleum jelly, which is used to protect threaded connections, tubular polyurethane foam (curing of the foam is caused by a reaction with moisture contained in the atmosphere), assembly foam or sealing mass (which is an effective protection of cable penetrations) pipes, etc. against water and moisture).