Round fluorescent lamps
Fluorescent lamps operate on the basis of a mechanism that uses the ignition of gaseous substances. In this type of device, argon vapor and small amounts of gaseous mercury are inside the tube, and electrodes are attached to the ends. When the current flows inside the tube, an electrical discharge occurs, as a result of which the mercury produces ultraviolet radiation. The fluorescent lamp tube inside is coated with a phosphor that absorbs this energy and then emits it in the form of visible light. Due to the mercury content, these types of lamps cannot be disposed of with household waste, but must be returned to an appropriate collection point or left in the store when purchasing new ones. Round fluorescent lamps are bent, thus forming a closed ring. They are most often used as decorative lighting, because they allow you to compose original lighting installations. Therefore, they are suitable for both professional and home use. They will work well, for example, in small luminaires (such as bedside lamps, table luminaires), in wall and ceiling luminaires (e.g. in sconces, plafonds), as well as in such rooms as a restaurant, hotel, office or service room. Fluorescent lamps also differ in shape and structure of the cap (relevant information should be found on the packaging). The most common diameters of fluorescent tubes are: 38 mm, 26 mm, 16 mm, 12 mm, 7 mm. The bulb cap symbol usually consists of three elements, where the first letter indicates the type of cap, the number indicates its diameter, and the last letter indicates the number of connectors in the device. The EL12 offer includes round fluorescent lamps of various colors (warm, natural and cold), power (22W, 32W, 40W, 55W) and luminous flux (from 1350 lm to 2250 lm). When choosing a specific model, pay attention to whether the fluorescent lamp is integrated or not. In the case of non-integrated, power via an external ballast is required for proper operation. Electronic ballasts for fluorescent lamps available in the EL12 offer ensure high luminous efficiency and long life of fluorescent lamps.