Roller shutter controllers

Roller shutter controllers are a special type of equipment that allows you to lower and raise this type of window curtains automatically and fully mechanically. They are one of the basic elements of the system responsible for controlling modern roller shutters and are necessary for both external and internal solutions.

The automatic raising or lowering of blinds is primarily based on a device called a switch. He is directly responsible for controlling the shield. However, for it to work properly, it must be paired with a compatible controller. The latter is usually referred to as “roller shutter controller”, however, it can also be used to operate modern blinds or awnings. There are no separate devices of this type on the market, intended only for a specific type of curtains.

How shutter drivers work

The classic and still very popular models of roller blinds are operated manually. The fabric of the curtain is wound on a special roller, which in turn is directly connected to the ribbon or cord. Appropriate maneuvering them causes the desired reaction of the mechanism.

In the case of automatic solutions, changing the position of the roller shutter is limited only to operating the panel (or remote control) of the system, based on which the entire mechanism functions. In the case of such structures, the curtains are wound on a steel winding shaft. A special motor is placed inside it, which directly drives the coil in a specific direction. Roller shutter controllers, in turn, are responsible for ensuring that the individual elements of the scheme are properly paired with each other, and that the components properly fulfill their function.

Main division of roller shutter controllers

Roller shutter controllers are mainly divided by the type of control. This is how models are distinguished:

  • wired – system based on classic cable connections. There are traditional wires between the switch and the motor in the winding shaft, and the operation of the curtains is based on key switches or a timer (in the case of the latter, it is possible to maneuver more blinds);
  • radio – the roller shutter is operated by a special transmitter that sends radio waves;
  • mixed – a hybrid of wired and radio solutions. Both types of control can be used interchangeably, depending on the user's preferences.

Other ways to classify roller shutter drivers

Roller shutter controllers can also be classified according to several other features or parameters. For example, the method of mounting the accessories is of great importance. In this respect, there are box controllers (intended for installation in a box, which significantly reduces the number of wires used) or bus-mounted controllers (applies primarily to controllers mounted in switchboards).

In addition, individual controller models offer different control ranges. There are models on the market intended for local and central service. In the first case, it is possible to control only one specific roller shutter. Central controllers, on the other hand, are a more comprehensive solution and allow you to operate all roller shutters in the building.

It is also worth mentioning the operating modes of individual models. The controllers can offer fully automatic or manual operation. With the former, it is possible to program the raising or lowering of the blinds at specific times or hours. Manual models, on the other hand, require the use of a remote control or operation of a special panel.

Modern roller shutter controllers often offer several additional options. When choosing a given model, it is worth paying attention to it. For example – on the market you can find controllers that allow you to set a specific position of the blind. Thanks to this, it is possible to cover only part of the window. Models that simulate the presence of household members are also available. The controller will then decide to temporarily open the blinds, which may suggest that there are tenants inside the building, which in turn should scare away thieves from breaking in. Many smart houses even use models with the function of tracking user preferences. If we operate the system manually, the system is able to learn the settings ordered manually and repeat them later automatically.

More and more often roller shutter controllers have a detection function. Thanks to it, the closing of the curtain will be stopped if the unfolded material encounters an obstacle. This option prevents damage to the mechanism or the roller shutter itself.

Shutter drivers – advantages

The use of mechanized systems to operate roller shutters, which could not operate without dedicated controllers, has many advantages. This solution is, above all, very convenient. Fully automatic designs reduce the need to manually command individual settings to an absolute minimum. Such maneuvering of the roller shutters also allows you to easily achieve the desired conditions inside the building, which has a positive effect on the overall comfort of using such a living space. Automatic roller shutters operated with controllers also increase the sense of security among household members. On the plus side, the cost of installing such a system should certainly be noted. Mechanically rolled roller shutters are not as expensive as they were several years ago, thanks to which more and more people can afford to buy them.

Roller shutter controllers in the store's offer

This product category includes roller shutter controllers from the special line of EXTA building automation products. These are innovative and comprehensive solutions of the ZAMEL brand, intended primarily for the construction of modern systems of intelligent buildings. The EXTA family of accessories enables easy and quick control of virtually every element of the installation. These are universal products, distinguished from the competition by their intuitiveness, simple assembly and reliability. We offer e.g. wired box controllers type SRP-01 and bus controllers 230V AC type SRM-10. In addition, in separate product categories you can find a number of other controllers for roller shutters from various manufacturers.

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