Road barriers
Road barriers are used to mark places where construction and renovation works are carried out, but they are also suitable for marking changes on road lanes and pavements, ensuring the safety of road users. Thanks to the light and durable construction, road barriers can be easily transported, and at the same time they are insensitive to weather conditions. In addition, subsequent elements of the barrier can be connected to each other in a straight line or along a curve, which makes it possible to fence off an irregularly shaped area. At the same time, properly connected segments ensure the resistance of the entire structure to possible impacts. The road barriers in the El12 range have expressive colors (white and red) and are equipped with a system of reflective stripes. Thanks to this, the marking is properly visible, which minimizes the risk of an accident. All products also meet the requirements of the European standards PN-EN 1317. In addition to temporary road barriers, the El12 store's offer also includes protective barriers necessary to protect shafts and excavations. This type of devices is perfect, for example, for the protection of open channels, manholes and manholes. Single panels are most often combined into 3- or 4-part modules. However, depending on the needs, more complex structures can be quickly and easily created from individual elements. The barriers are equipped as standard with a high-positioned warning strip made of reflective foil. Such barriers can be used both outside and inside buildings.