PVC flexible pipes

Installation in pipes under the plaster is a classic method of laying cables, commonly used in traditional housing construction. The advantage of this installation is the replaceability of wires and aesthetic design, and the disadvantage is – effortfulness. In case of fear of mechanical damage to the cables, the installation is made in steel or thermoplastic pipes – made of hard PVC. With the use of sealed accessories, this installation can be used in damp, dusty and fire-hazardous rooms. This category includes flexible PVC pipes.

Installation of flexible pipes

The installation of flexible pipes such as corrugated DVK is relatively simple and requires only a few basic steps. First of all, appropriate connectors should be installed at the ends, which will allow the pipes to be connected into a system. Elements prepared in this way must be properly arranged, making sure that they are properly matched and tight. When assembling flexible pipes, it is also important to maintain adequate spacing between fittings to allow free bending and flexibility. In the case of DVK corrugated pipes, the corrugations should be directed in the flow direction, ensuring optimal efficiency and flow of liquids or gases. After installation, it is also worth carrying out a leak test. This can be done by connecting the system to a suitable water or air supply and verifying that there are no unwanted leaks or seal problems.

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