Power tools

It is hard to imagine carrying out any construction or renovation work today without the use of power tools. This type of equipment significantly facilitates and speeds up the performance of a number of activities that DIY enthusiasts face every day. Drilling, mounting, dismantling, grinding, cutting – the use of power tools is extremely wide.

Of course, much of this work can still be done in a more traditional, manual way. However, it is very cumbersome and difficult. Power tools save time and effort. With them, all repairs are much easier and even total amateurs can handle them.

Advantages of power tools

Power tools are, in short, tools powered by electricity, most often with a voltage of 230 V. They are usually connected directly to the socket, although models equipped with batteries are becoming more and more popular.

Mechanization of construction works is nothing new. Already during the industrial revolution, some factories had power tools powered by batteries driven by belts from suspended shafts. The basic source of energy in this case was the water wheel, which over time was replaced by a steam engine and then an electric motor. It was the latter invention, created in the 1880s, that led to a significant development of the segment of power tools. Today, they form the basis of construction industry. The global power tool market is estimated to be worth $33 billion and will reach $46 billion by 2025.

Power tools have a number of advantages. These are primarily very mobile devices. They can be easily transported and used anywhere. They are suitable for work both inside and outside buildings. This applies in particular to battery- or accumulator-powered equipment. In their case, you do not even need access to the electricity network.

Another advantage of power tools is the convenience of their use. These devices are usually very handy, light, and often can be used with one hand. They can be easily maneuvered and positioned at any angle. This is extremely important if you have to carry out work in hard-to-reach places with non-standard shapes or dimensions.

Price of power tools

Power tools are also relatively cheap. Depending on the type of equipment and its class, the price ranges from several hundred to several thousand zlotys. It is worth remembering, however, that these devices can be used even for many years, and replacing them with new models is only necessary when they are no longer suitable for further operation as a result of wear.

There are many types of power tools. One of the most popular types are drills used primarily to make holes in a given material (usually wood or metal). There are at least a few sub-types of drills, such as impact models, hammer drills and angle drills. They are adapted to more specialized works, requiring more power or a specific construction of the equipment.

Screwdrivers are very similar to drills in their construction. These are used primarily for direct screwing of screws or bolts to a selected surface (mainly wooden). Devices of this type successfully replace traditional screwdrivers. The use of manual tools is in many cases impossible or ineffective. Screwdrivers allow you to get a much better, more lasting effect in a much shorter time.

Popular power tools

Another common type of power tool is grinders. As the name suggests, they are used for grinding various surfaces, e.g. wood, metal or concrete. There are many types of grinders available on the market, including belt, oscillating, brush, vibrating or table. In most cases, they must be equipped with special discs (discs) adapted to the processing of a given material. A special, advanced type of grinder are floor sanders. They allow you to refresh old, worn parquet, giving it a completely new glow.

In addition to the above-mentioned, the group of power tools also includes welding machines, crushers, planers, soldering irons, heat guns, lathes, glue guns, nail guns, tile cutters, sharpeners of various types (e.g. for saw chains ) workshop vacuum cleaners, electric chisels, paint guns, compressors and even garden tools such as electric mowers, trimmers, cultivators, leaf blowers, chainsaws and hedge trimmers. There are so many types of power tools, and their number is increasing year by year.

It is worth mentioning that multifunctional power tools are becoming more and more popular. These are devices that combine the functions of several devices, e.g. screwdrivers, drills, grinders and trimmers. Compared to standard electrically powered tools, they are considered to be slightly less precise. However, they are perfect for express home repairs. By purchasing one piece of equipment, you can carry out a number of works without having to spend money on several types of devices. Multifunctional power tools are appreciated primarily by less experienced DIY enthusiasts who need universal solutions.

Power tools in the offer of the online store

You will find several types of power tools with us. We have equipment such as angle grinders, electrohydraulic crimpers, saber saws, drills, screwdrivers, drills, electric straighteners, hammer drills, wall chasers, soldering irons, industrial vacuum cleaners (for wet and dry work), blowers, detectors, laser rangefinders, guns for gluing and many more.

In our store, we sell equipment only from reputable manufacturers. When you buy from us, you can be sure that you will receive power tools ready for use in even difficult conditions. We offer an assortment of brands such as An-Kom, Haupa, Lange, Rawlplug and the world-renowned and respected Bosch company. Some power tools require additional accessories – e.g. drill bits are needed to use drills. These can be found with us in other categories of the store. We also have equipment differentiated in terms of power. The range includes devices offering performance in the range of 15-2000 W.

The standard order fulfillment time in the store is a maximum of three days. We make every effort to ensure that the purchased products reach customers as soon as possible. It happens, however, that the equipment is currently not available in our warehouses. In such cases, the delivery time may be extended to several weeks. Information about stock levels is always visible on product cards, just below the technical specification. If you have any doubts about the availability of your power tools, please contact our customer service department.

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