Power cables cu up to 1 kV

These are low voltage power cables designed to work in industrial plants, power plants or local power supply networks. They are made of copper, and their task is to create a permanent connection between the current receivers and its source. In the case of cables with a low rated voltage, the connection of subsequent receivers can be made without switching off the power line.

Application of 1 kV Cu cables  and their parameters

Solid design allows you to lay power cables both indoors and outdoors - in cable ducts and in the ground. Cables of this type are characterized by greater resistance to weather conditions such as high humidity, extreme temperatures or sunlight. This is possible due to the fact that these cables have core insulation made most often of polyvinyl chloride and are provided with a protective sheath. In the case of those for outdoor use, they also have a special armor protecting the cable against mechanical damage.

In this category you can find copper power cables up to 1 kV. These are copper wires designed to work at low voltages (not more than 1kV).  Individual products available in the El12 range differ in, among others, due to:

  • number and cross-section of veins,
  • core class,
  • vein shape,
  • rated voltage,
  • type of core (wire or strand),
  • resistance to mechanical damage,
  • the material from which the insulation was made (polyvinyl chloride or flame retardant material),
  • insulation color,
  • manufacturer.

 Standards and recommendations for copper cables

All cables in the El12 offer meet the EN 50575 and EN 13501-6 standards. Please note that they may only be installed by persons who have the appropriate education and qualifications to perform electrical installation works.

Cables should be regularly subjected to standard tests of electrical and mechanical parameters, consisting in conducting tests of electrical strength of insulation, core resistance and insulation resistance.

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