Power cables

The category includes power cables intended for operation in power networks, industrial plants, power plants, etc. Their task is to create a permanent connection between power receivers and its source. Due to their intended use, these types of cables are more resistant to external factors. The solid construction allows the laying of power cables both inside and outside the rooms. Our assortment includes cables from several reputable manufacturers. We offer cables with a cross-section from 0.5 to 630 mm2 and a rated voltage of 0.30/0.50 – 8.70/15.0kV. The sale includes aluminum, copper, armored, non-flammable cables, as well as insulated with cross-linked polyethylene.

Earth cables – bet on proven products!

In our assortment you will find various earth cables. We offer, among others, their YKY version, i.e. a copper cable with a sheath and PVC insulation. These types of cables are laid in the ground. We have them in such sections of numbers as – 3x1.5, 3x2.5, 3x4, 4x10, 4x16, 5x10, 5x16, 5x25, 5x4 and also 5x6. The first one is the number of veins, and the second is the cross-section of each of them. Another version available in the store is YAKY (e.g. 1x150 or 1x70), i.e. aluminum cables. In addition, we offer a single-wire copper conductor YDYp (ŻO), which has a sheath and insulation made of ordinary PVC. It belongs to flat cables additionally equipped with a protective conductor ŻO. Where is it used? Both under and on plaster. These types of cables – marked 3x1.5 or 3x2.5 – you will find in our assortment. If you want to learn more, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the offer or contact us.