Plafonds are modern ceiling lamps, which, unlike traditional (hanging) lamps, adhere closely to the ceiling. Their simple design makes it very easy to use them in various arrangements, including even in very small rooms. Unlike chandeliers, you do not need large spaces to mount ceilings. These flat, decorative lamps are mounted directly to the ceiling. Their big advantages are pleasant, subtle light and a variety of designs. The classic plafond is equipped with a full or partial shade that covers the light source. Thanks to this design, the lamps emit diffused light that evenly illuminates the room. There are also models that emit light in a specific direction. Our offer includes e.g. plafonds in various shapes and colors, matte or transparent. We also have devices equipped with accessories such as a built-in motion sensor with the function of a presence sensor, a duct fitting or a microwave sensor with a partial shade function.