Photovoltaic wires and cables


Photovoltaic cables

We offer a wide selection of high-quality photovoltaic cables. These are essential elements of solar systems, without which the installation could not function. No matter what panels we choose, the right cables are essential!

Photovoltaic cables – necessary for installation

Cables used in the assembly of photovoltaics must meet the appropriate strength and safety standards – this will affect the quality and operation of the installation. Solar cables must be resistant to temperature fluctuations, corrosion, solar radiation and even damage caused by animals. In addition, the photovoltaic cables must be non-flammable and flexible.

The selection of the appropriate cabling depends on several factors, but above all, we must match it to the power of the solar panels we choose. 4mm², 5mm² or even 6mm². See now what we are able to offer you and do not hesitate to buy!