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Paging systems (otherwise known as paging systems) are used to notify about emergencies or to summon personnel. They are most often used in facilities such as hospitals, nursing homes and sanatoriums. They are popular in hotels and boarding houses, but they also appear, for example, in courts, restaurants and cafes. They can be installed in living spaces (rooms), as well as, for example, in bathrooms or toilets. This category includes goods such as call points, sensors, signal lamps and other elements of call systems (both wired and wireless).

What the paging system consists of

A paging system in its simplest form consists of:

  • paging slot,
  • central unit (usually mounted in the place where the staff of a given facility is staying),
  • connectivity device.

Some paging systems are equipped with devices intentionally devoid of microphones, which are only used to send a signal. They are used, for example, in hotels and they only allow you to call the service, but they are not used to contact it.

Types of paging systems

Depending on the purpose and degree of sophistication, paging systems can vary greatly. However, there are 3 basic types of solutions. They are:

  • analog systems,
  • digital systems,
  • IP systems.

In the El12 store you can find the elements necessary to build these systems, such as a bulb module, a multi-resident uniphone, a touch radio, an emergency call paging system, a light signaling device with a frame, an acoustic module and a remote switch.

Analog systems are the simplest and therefore often less expensive than others. In the basic version, they consist of call points (their number depends on the needs in a given place) and a switchboard. Such a system can be additionally equipped with signal lamps, motion sensors and other accessories.

Digital systems are more complex and usually offer more functions (e.g. the ability to program the operating scheme). It is also possible to expand the set with additional sensors, signal lighting, control units or displays. When looking for this type of solution, it is worth making sure that it is a wireless system.

IP systems use the Internet for communication, which enables the integration of paging system elements with a computer or smartphone. In some cases, the control panel may be a tablet or a computer.

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