Outdoor luminaires
Luminaires are elements of the lamp structure, on the one hand, protecting the light source (bulb) against external factors, and on the other, influencing the shape of the flux distribution and the level of luminance. They contain elements for fixing, protecting and connecting the lamp to the mains. The luminous flux emitted by the lamp should be shaped by the luminaire depending on the requirements of a given type of lighting or the illuminated object, e.g. directed directly or indirectly to the illuminated surface, with or without the use of light reflection. The department includes luminaires for outdoor applications, i.e. with an appropriate degree of resistance to weather conditions. The EL12 offer includes e.g. street, park, standing, hanging, wall, recessed façade, recessed earth, decorative and stage, specialist, floodlights, spotlights and projectors. This division does not exhaust all types of luminaires, because e.g. street and road luminaires are additionally divided according to the type of illuminated road (different categories of roads require the use of appropriate lighting solutions). A separate subcategory is also luminaires for lighting sports facilities. Due to the application, technical and decorative luminaires can also be distinguished. The former are devices of appropriate design and parameters, intended for specific applications, while the latter perform primarily decorative functions. Depending on the method of installation, we can distinguish standing luminaires, built-in luminaires (e.g. flush-mounted downlight luminaires, raster luminaires, wall-mounted luminaires - luminaires intended for mounting directly on the ceiling or wall, e.g. sconces, plafonds, surface-mounted downlight luminaires, suspended, rail (intended for mounting on a mounting rail).
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