Multimeters are measuring devices for various types of applications, giving the possibility of testing various physical quantities, and therefore combining functions, e.g. ammeter, voltmeter or ohmmeter. They are among the basic equipment in the assortment of both a professional electrician and an unqualified DIY enthusiast. Analog units are equipped with a V-gauge, driven by electrodynamic force. Newer devices have digital LCD or LED displays that present the appropriate values. Most models can also be connected to a computer to transfer downloaded data to it. State-of-the-art multimeters perform several measurements simultaneously. They are powered by batteries or electricity. The EL12 offer includes both multimeters themselves and additional accessories (e.g. adapters and cases).

Types of multimeters

The characteristic and common feature of all multimeters is the method of presenting the measurement, because the display of the tested value always takes place on the same element. Due to the type of solution used to present the results, multimeters can be divided into:

  • analogue (they use a table with a scale and a V-gauge driven by electrodynamic force),
  • digital (with LCD or LED display controlled by a microprocessor).

There are also models with electronic interface for data transfer, e.g. to a computer.

A basic version of a portable multimeter usually measures such values as: AC/DC voltage, resistance, continuity, diode parameters. In more advanced models, additional possibilities may appear, such as capacitance, frequency, temperature and pressure measurement.

How to choose a multimeter?

In order to choose a multimeter best suited to your needs, you must first pay attention to safety, i.e. the quality of the device. Devices from manufacturers who, for example, use cheaper fuses that do not comply with safety standards can be dangerous.

Another important indicator is accuracy, understood as the maximum permissible error limit of the indicated value, it is also worth analyzing the supported measurement functions

In the case of a digital device, pay attention to the resolution expressed in the number of digits that the device can display. In each case, it is also important to determine what exactly the device will be needed for. The point is not to overpay for unnecessary functions, but at the same time to have a useful and safe measuring device.

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