Muffs and heads

A coupler is a straight connector. This product acts as a connector and is used to connect two elements, e.g. pipes or rods. This category includes a special type of this equipment intended for electrical installations, i.e. cable joints. As their name indicates, they are used to create permanent connections between two sections of cables. Importantly – the assembly made in this way is supposed to be mechanically and electrically durable to the same extent as the wires bound with a sleeve. At the same time, the properties of the connected cables must remain unchanged.

Basic types of joints

Cable joints can be divided into several types. In addition to the classic ones described above, there are also special branch models on the market, which are used to make branches from the cable cores. In addition, the joints are divided into pass-through and pass-through. The former are used to connect sections of cables of the same type. In turn, the transitional models can be used to join sections of cables of different types. This accessory can be used for both single and multi-wire cabling.

There are several types of specialist joints. The specific structure is characterized by connectors designed for armored cables or those with polymer or paper insulation. The sale also includes joints adapted to mining, signaling and typical heat pump wiring. Due to the conditions in which this equipment operates and what devices support the processed cables, it is made of more durable materials.

An interesting example of specialist joints are those made of polyurethane resin. This material effectively insulates, seals and protects the connector. It also gives it a unique property – no tools are required to assemble the resin cable joint. It has such properties that it easily adapts to the shape of the cable sections to be connected.

There are also tape joints on the market, which are used to connect and repair wires. Specialized self-amalgamating tapes are able to reconstruct damaged insulation. In turn, using conductive tape, you can repair the screens on the working conductor.

The most common types of joints include those with heat-shrinkable properties. They form a strong and moisture-resistant cable connection after prior heat treatment. What's important – at the same time, they are fire-resistant products. There are also cold-shrinkable joints with exactly the opposite properties, i.e. they do not tighten under the influence of high temperature. They are great for specialist cables operating in difficult conditions.

Branded joints in the offer

The el12 store offers a wide selection of cable joints. We sell resin and gel models with various parameters and applications. Our clients will find: heat-shrinkable joints for renovation and assembly, heat-shrinkable patches, heat-shrinkable breakout boots and many others. All available in various configurations and designed for cables of various sizes. We have NN and MV grommets.

The category, apart from joints, also includes cable heads. It is an element of electrical equipment that is used to make the correct and tight termination of the cable. Thanks to this, it retains its properties and the required strength parameters (mechanical and electrical). Cable heads can usually be found in switching stations at power stations, in transformer stations and on poles in the case of the so-called cabling of the overhead line section.

Basic types of heads

Individual heads differ in design. The most popular types include bottle, conical, horizontal, flat, flat angular, low-mass lead, made of synthetic resins, mast, flat pole and single-core heads. The choice of a given type depends mainly on the insulating factor in the cable (dry, gas, water or oil insulation) and the voltage value.

Generally, however, the heads are used to connect medium and high voltage cables. They are rarely used in low-voltage switchgear. In addition to the fact that the equipment is designed to terminate the cable and maintain its properties, it must also ensure the appropriate distribution of the electromagnetic field. The head is also a protection against various external factors, for example against precipitation or gusts of wind.

The el12 store offers two types of cable heads – indoor and outdoor. The first of them, also called internal, are used inside transformer stations and switchgears. Therefore, they show a lower degree of protection against adverse weather conditions or, for example, against various dusts. They usually do not have special silicone covers, which are present on the insulating coating of overhead heads. These, in turn, also called external, are designed to protect the cable against possible surface discharges that may occur in conditions of increased humidity. So to put it bluntly – these are models with a higher degree of protection, adapted to outdoor use.

Couplings, heads and much more

In addition to joints and heads, the category includes classic heat-shrinkable tubes, i.e. the simplest type of equipment connecting wires. Their operation is as follows – they tighten on the joined sections under the influence of high temperature. Tubes are widely used in electronics, telecommunications and the automotive industry. They are used not only to connect, but also to insulate and correctly mark wires. Due to their properties, they are used for the simplest and most standard cable connections possible.

In the el12 store, we also offer a variety of insulating tapes. Thanks to them, you can perform the simplest and fastest repairs of damaged cable insulation. This product is one of the basic elements of electrical equipment. It shows high flexibility and resistance to various mechanical damage. Individual models of tapes protect the ends of wires even under voltage of 600V. The product can help you perform various household chores, not necessarily related to the electricity network. It is great at joining plastic elements or patching rubber materials. We have tapes of many colors (including red, white, brown, purple and classic black) and various sizes, made of PVC and EPR.

We offer accessories coming only from proven and reputable manufacturers. You can buy products of such brands as 3M, SEZ, Radpol, Kanlux, Haupa, Ergom, Emos, Trytyt, EM Group, Bemko, Atagor, P.H.U. Anticor Waldemar Chudzicki and Rawlplug Spółka Akcyjna. Most of the presented assortment is available immediately. If the product is in our warehouses, we deliver it to the customer within a maximum of three days. In the event that the resources of the selected accessories have run out, the execution of the order is extended to about four weeks. Availability information is always available on the product card.