Motion sensors

In this category of products in our online store you will find motion sensors, i.e. devices used to detect various types of movement in a specific area. This equipment is one of the basic elements of systems protecting residential buildings or industrial facilities. Sensors significantly increase the sense of security of users of a given building and effectively deter intruders who have entered the property uninvited.

Motion sensors, also referred to as detectors, are a solution commonly used in Poland to increase the security of buildings. Their operation is extremely simple – the technology used in a specific model of accessories, after detecting a specific activity (movement) within its range, leads to a pre-programmed and configured reaction. This, however, depends on what other system functioning in the facility the detector is paired with. The sensors are most often designed to initiate the alarm. However, this is not their only function. In addition to the fact that these devices increase the level of building security, they also significantly increase the comfort of its use. Motion sensors are used to automatically turn on the light when activity is detected, e.g. in front of the garage, toilet or dressing room. This solution is extremely practical and economical. Modern buildings even use systems that connect detectors with air-conditioning or heating systems.

Types of motion sensors

There are several types ofómotion sensors. They differ from each other in the principles of operation, and to be more precise, in the method of detecting activity in the serviced area.

The basic type of detectors are active “radar” models, which send and receive electromagnetic waves like a classic Doppler radar. Such sensors primarily detect a change in wave frequency between the transmitter and the receiver – these are usually installed side by side. The transmitter emits a wave of a certain frequency, while the receiving element has the task of “accept” it after bouncing off the wall or floor and read its value. If it deviates from the output frequency, there is a disturbance that could cause movement. This in turn triggers the sensor and leads to the activation of a specific function.

Alternative, slightly more advanced solutions with a similar operating scheme are active ultrasonic detectors. They compare the wave values in the receiver and transmitter of the device. The difference in operation, however, is that the hardware detects movement based on ultrasonic rather than electromagnetic waves, which makes it more precise.

Currently, the most commonly used type of motion sensors are the so-called passive infrared models. Referred to as PIR (Passive Infra Red) detectors, they react to radiation in the far infrared band and detect changes in thermal radiation at the same time. The area of their operation depends on the type of lens installed in the equipment. One wall detector can control from 140 to 200 m2 of room area, and a detector with a viewing angle of 360 degrees – up to 300 m2.

Infrared sensors are distinguished by their incredible accuracy – they work most accurately when the object in question crosses the detection sector of the detector at right angles. Advanced models are even able to distinguish infrared radiation emitted by moving people from radiation emitted by stationary objects.

Where are motion detectors most often installed?

Motion sensors are installed primarily on properties. Even if they are not directly paired with the building's alarm system, they can automatically turn on external light sources when detected – this makes it easier for the users of the object to move around it after dusk.

Motion sensors are also used to optimally use light in darkened rooms, which are illuminated for a very short time – only during their use by a specific person. We are talking about the aforementioned toilets, bathrooms or pantries or basements. This type of solution is used not only in homes, but also in public facilities – in offices, health centers or shopping malls.

The advantages of mounting the sensor in motion

Motion sensors increase the safety of the building and its inhabitants/users. They can effectively deter potential burglars who have entered the property. In addition, they are able to chase wild animals out of it.

The issue of greater security is not limited only to increasing the effectiveness of alarm and anti-burglary systems. Light activated automatically by detectors reduces the risk of various types of accidents in the building, e.g. in the stairwell. Sensors detecting movement, as well as automatically switching on and off the light, allow you to significantly save on electricity used. They also extend the life of the installed lamps, while the solution itself is simply convenient. No need to touch classic switches – especially in public places – is also a huge asset for hygienic reasons.

Installation of motion sensors for lighting, e.g. external or internal lamp is not the most difficult, and these devices are not particularly expensive. The new models even offer the ability to adjust the light intensity – triggered when activity is detected – adjusting them, for example, to the time of day.

Motion sensors in the store

The offer of the store includes many models of well-functioning motion sensors (stair, external for lighting and others). We have, among others those using various technologies for detecting activity in the area of operation and adapted to be paired with a number of other systems operating in the building.

We offer detectors with operating ranges from 0.6 to 200 meters. Thanks to this, it is possible to choose both simple, basic models used to service small areas, as well as more advanced accessories suitable for installation, e.g. in large industrial plants.

On you can order sensors for flush-mounted, flush-mounted, surface-mounted, classic and semi-recessed surface mounting. The range also includes models that support the rated voltage of 9.6 V, 24 V, 29 V and 230 V. In addition, we have sensors with various degrees of protection: IP20, IP40, IP41, IP44, IP54, IP55 and IP65. It is worth paying special attention to this parameter if the motion detector is to be installed outside the building.

We sell sensors only from reputable manufacturers. The offer includes devices of such brands as Orno Polska, Merten, Hager, Finder, Berker, Kanlux, Lange, F&F, Theben, Zamel and many others.

We usually process all orders within three business days. The exceptions are cases when individual models are not available in our warehouses. During this time, the shipment of equipment may take several weeks. Information about current stock levels is always displayed on the product card, next to its technical specification.