Metal housings

Switchgear enclosures play a much more important role in the functioning of the electrical installation than it may initially seem. Regardless of whether they are used at home or in an industrial facility, they are largely responsible for the security of the control panel. In addition, more and more attention is paid to the fact that switchgears fit aesthetically into the style in which a given building was arranged. A huge selection of enclosures allows you to achieve the desired effect and mask the switchgear in such a way that it does not disfigure a carefully designed wall.

The switchgear itself is a kind of heart of the electrical installation. All wires installed in the building lead to it and, as the name of the device indicates, it distributes energy, directing it to individual sockets or lamps. These types of control panels are also increasingly used for integration with telephone, fiber optic, alarm systems, etc. This makes them a real home command center. For this reason, it is extremely important to properly protect it from various external factors.

Metal enclosures for switchboards

Switchgears are most often installed in hidden, unobtrusive places, e.g. rooms where the risk of possible dust or moisture of the equipment is extremely high. Choosing the right housing allows you to protect the equipment (as well as the entire electrical installation) against failure.

The switchgear housing not only protects the apparatus against external factors, but also protects the installation against accidental touching of live elements by a human. Such events are very dangerous to the health and even life of the user in the network.

How to choose metal enclosures?

When choosing an enclosure for a switchgear, several important factors should be taken into account. First – discussed briefly above – applies to the safety standards met by the product. It must have the necessary certificates proving that locating the network headquarters in it will effectively protect it against undesirable factors. The degree of protection of the housing is easiest to read by finding the IP symbol, which should be placed on one of the walls.

In addition, special attention should be paid to the application. Individual housings may differ from each other in the material of manufacture. Those intended for residential buildings meet basic standards and are not as resistant to various factors as, for example, housings for industrial switchgear made of durable metal. A completely separate group of products are control cabinets, ensuring the proper operation of the network headquarters with a slightly different structure, e.g. air conditioning, IT infrastructure or automation systems.

The size of the housing is also important. Depending on the size of the apparatus, a suitably dimensioned cover should be selected. Purchasing the optimally sized case seems important for at least two reasons. First of all, it's about preserving aesthetics. Too large a cover for the switchgear will not look good, which is especially important when it is located, for example, in the hall. In addition, do not forget about the usability of the product. Too wide housing will not only disfigure the wall, but also take up some free space, which is of great importance in rooms with a small area. When talking about the size of the switchgear, it is also worth considering the degree of its development. Some control panels, consisting of many modules, can be hidden in boxes or control cabinets specially designed for them.

Method of assembly and aesthetics of the metal housing

For many people, the method of mounting the housing will also be an important aspect. Most often you can find products installed using special rails or plinths. The situation is slightly different in the case of control cabinets, which can be not only attached to the wall, but also vertically to the ground.

At the end, we also need to mention the aesthetics of the housing. In the past, matching this element to the decor seemed to be an impossible task. Today, the selection of individual models is so large that the switchgear can be effectively masked without compromising the design of the room in which it is located.

Metal enclosures in the el12 store's offer

The offer of the store includes several types of enclosures for switchgears. This category includes metal products adapted for installation both in residential buildings as well as in industrial buildings or factories, where network centrals are extremely exposed to various failures or destruction. Among the proposed shields there are made of galvanized steel sheet, steel, stainless steel type 304L and galvanized steel. In addition, we have PC/ABS and plastic enclosures.

We offer enclosures for energy distribution and measurement, surface-mounted and flush-mounted. A separate group of products are specially indoor switchgears (also adapted to the two methods of installation of equipment presented above). At you can also find hermetic metal enclosures, characterized by an exceptionally high degree of protection of the equipment placed in them. They are most often used in production halls, factories, sewage treatment plants or on the waterfront.

Metal hermetic enclosures are used wherever the switchgear may fail due to moisture or splashing. A product of this type has been designed in such a way that it is practically impossible for any unwanted substance to get inside the cover. In addition, a separate group of products are professional, free-standing switchboards, perfect for placing large control panels in them.

Metal enclosures in various versions

We have enclosures adapted to the installation of switchgears of various expansion levels. You can buy products for covering units consisting of one to twenty-one rows. The offer includes enclosures with the following degrees of protection:

  • IP00,
  • IP20,
  • IP30,
  • IP40,
  • IP41,
  • IP43,
  • IP44,
  • IP54,
  • IP55,
  • IP63,
  • IP65,
  • IP66.

The category includes metal housings (and not only) coming only from reputable manufacturers of this type of equipment. We sell products of such brands as A-Lan, Astat, Elektro-Plast Nasielsk, Elektro-Plast Opatówek, Emiter, Ergom, Eti Polam, Fibox, Hager, Karwasz, Kubiak, Legrand, Eaton, PCE, Rittal, Sabaj System and Schneider Electric.

The selection of the appropriate housing for the interior design is guaranteed by a wide range of colors in which the housings sold in our store are available. We offer white, black, grey, light gray and even red accessories.

Individual product models are basically available immediately, and the delivery time to the indicated address is from one to three working days. Some enclosures are currently not in stock, so the execution of such an order may take up to several weeks. Information about the approximate delivery time can be found on the card of each product.