Metal halide bulbs

High-pressure lamps are a type of lighting that uses an electrical discharge that occurs between two electrodes made of conductive material embedded in a mixture of metal halides. One of the effects of this process is the production of visible light with characteristic properties. It works very well in professional lighting and outdoor lighting, requiring high luminous efficiency and long durability. Such lamps must be equipped with a special electrical system, consisting of the appropriate type of ballast and igniter, which ensure appropriate lighting parameters.

Division of metal halide lamps

This type of lighting can be divided according to the type of metal in which the discharge occurs. Therefore, we distinguish among others:

  • sodium lamps,
  • mercury,
  • incandescent mercury,
  • other metal halide.

All of them can be found in the El12 offer. 

Metal halide lamps are an energy-saving light source, characterized by very good luminous efficiency, durability, and a high value of the CRI index (color rendering of illuminated objects).

Use of high pressure lamps

Metal halide lamps emit white light, reminiscent of natural daylight. Thanks to this, they are successfully used in industrial interiors, warehouses, halls and shopping malls, as well as for lighting sports facilities. They can be used both indoors and outdoors. They are perfect, for example, for lighting gas stations and advertising posters.

The metal halide lamps available in the El12 range differ in terms of the number and type of caps, thanks to which they can be easily adapted to a given lighting system. However, it should be remembered that they are intended for use only in closed luminaires containing appropriate electrical equipment.

Norms and procedures after the end of metal halide lamps

All metal halide lamps in the El12 range have been manufactured in accordance with international standards: PN-EN 62035, PN-EN 61167, PN-EN 61547. It must be remembered that when replacing individual lighting elements, used bulbs plugs and lamps should be handed over to special points dealing with the disposal of this type of waste.