P-6 Bipolar voltage indicator WMGBP6

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Manufacturer: SONEL
Level of security: IP65
Dimensions (length x width x height) [mm]: 275 x 82 x 36
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Product description

Bipolar voltage indicator SONEL P-6 has all the features that characterize the P-4 voltage indicator and the P-5 voltage indicator. In addition, the P-6 model has a phase identification function that allows you to verify the phase compliance (and its leading or lagging) in relation to the phase on the reference object.

Key functions and attributes of the P instrument -6:

  • phase identification function to verify phase compliance with the reference phase,
  • automatic voltage measurement  alternating and direct current up to 1000 V,
  • optical indications using a diode line and additionally an LCD display,
  • audible indications when exceeding 50 VAC and 120 VDC dangerous voltages,
  • testing of RCD activation using an additional load,
  • < strong>continuity indication, automatically after connecting to the object,
  • bipolar phase rotation direction test,
  • unipolar indication of the presence of voltages above 100 V,
  • resistance measurement up to 1999 Ω,
  • possibility of holding the measurement result thanks to the HOLD function,
  • < li>reinforced two-component housing to prevent mechanical damage and falls,
  • built-in flashlight and backlit display for measurements in insufficient lighting,
  • degree of protection at IP65 guarantees dustproofness and protection against flooding,
  • safety thanks to the measurement category CAT IV 600 V and CAT III 1000 V.< /li>

Technical data:

Phase identification function:

  • maximum time for phase identification: 20 seconds< /li>
  • determination of the phase relative to the reference: identical (L1), leading (L2), lagging (L3)

Measurement of DC and AC voltages:

  • on a diode line (bar graph): 12, 24, 50, 120, 230, 400, ≥690 V,
  • on a backlit LCD display up to 1000 V,
  • determination of voltage: AC or DC polarity.

Continuity testing:

  • signalling for resistance for R≤ 400 kΩ,
  • light and sound signaling.

Resistance measurement:

  • measuring range up to 1999 Ω.

Phase rotation indicator:

  • phase sequence indication for >100 V.

Single-pole phase indication:

  • optical and acoustic signaling for >100 V.

Residual current circuit breaker test:

  • Test of IΔn ≤30 mA circuit breakers.

Other data:

  • Display: backlit LCD 3½ digits, reading 1999 with function indicators.
  • Holding the result: HOLD button to hold the result on the LED bar and LCD display.
  • Operating frequency: 16..400 Hz.
  • Measurement category according to PN-EN 61010-1: CAT III 1000 V, IV 600 V.
  • Type of insulation according to PN-EN 61010-1: double, class II.
  • Meter power supply: 2 x LR03 AAA 1.5 V (alkaline cells recommended).
  • Operating / storage temperature: -15..+55°C / -20..+70°C.
  • Weight without batteries: 267 g.
  • Measuring tips: Ø2 mm/ Ø 4mm/L 4mm (GS38).
  • Illumination of the measurement place: built-in flashlight.
  • The devices meet the requirements of the following standards: PN-EN 61326-1, PN-EN 61326-2-2, PN-EN 61010-1, EN 61243-3.

Technical data

  • Level of security
  • Dimensions (length x width x height) [mm]
    275 x 82 x 36