Multifunctional meter of electrical installation parameters MPI-540-PV WMPLMPI540PV

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Manufacturer: SONEL
Level of security: IP51
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Product description

Multifunctional meter of electrical installation parameters from the manufacturer Sonel. The product catalog number is WMPLMPI540PV. It is an advanced tool created in particular to measure the parameters of photovoltaic installations. With the help of one device, it is possible to perform a whole range of tests on the DC and AC side in accordance with the guidelines of the PN-EN 62446 standard. It is also used to carry out all measurements to determine the safety of home and industrial electrical installations. during the measurement of the parameters of the photovoltaic installation, the meter automatically recalculates the parameters to the reference conditions STC (Standard Test Conditions). Measurements of voltages, currents and power on the AC and DC side of the inverter will verify its efficiency. After transferring the data stored in the meter's memory to the Sonel PE6 program, it is possible to generate a test report on the parameters of photovoltaic installations. The meter has been additionally equipped with the function of testing residual current circuit breakers in Auto mode. The device also has measurement sequences pre-programmed by the manufacturer (so-called self-tests), which can be expanded with your own sequences if necessary.

  • Removable microSD card – easy storage expansion
  • Li-Ion battery – longer operation of the meter
  • Three-phase recorder of parameters in power grids – advanced power quality diagnostics
  • Readout of current network parameters – immediate assessment of the tested device
  • Parameters measured in class S of the PN-EN 61000-4-30 standard – high measurement accuracy
  • Energy loss calculator – quick diagnosis of potential savings
  • Measurement of all parameters of electric shock protection – one device instead of several
  • Fast loop measurement with RCD without tripping (up to a few seconds) – save time
  • Self-tests – the ability to perform automatic measurementsóin a sequence – simplification of measurements
  • Fast track from measurements to report – saving time


The meter can be used to measure photovoltaic installations in accordance with the PN-EN 62446 standard:

  • continuity of protective connections,
  • earth resistance,
  • DC side insulation resistance,
  • open circuit voltage UOC,
  • short circuit current ISC,
  • operating currents and powers on the DC and AC sides,
  • inverter efficiency.


The meter can record electricity quality parameters 50/60 Hz in class S of EN 61000-4-30:

  • voltages L1, L2, L3 – average values up to 500 V,
  • currents L1, L2, L3 – average values, current measurement in the range of up to 3 kA (depending on the current clamps used),
  • frequency in the range of 40 Hz – 70 Hz,
  • active power (P), reactive power (Q), apparent power (S),
  • power factor (PF), cosφ,
  • harmonics (up to the 40th in voltage and current),
  • the harmonic distortion factor THD for current and voltage.


The meter can perform all acceptance measurements of electrical installations in accordance with applicable regulations:

  • fault loop impedance (also in circuits with RCDs),
  • parameters of RCDs ,
  • insulation resistance,
  • earth resistance (4 measurement methods + ground resistivity measurement),
  • continuity of protective and equipotential bonding,
  • < li>illuminance, 
  • phase sequence test,
  • motor rotation direction test.

Technical data

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