Lightning handles

We offer a wide range of lightning arresters, which are an extremely important element of the installation, whose main task is to protect the building against broadly understood electric shocks resulting from possible lightning discharges.

To put it bluntly – lightning protection systems are used to protect a given facility against a lightning strike. This one, when it hits, for example, the roof, can lead to the burning of the electrical network (as well as the equipment and devices connected to it). In extreme cases, this event ends with a dangerous building fire.

Lightning resulting from discharges has the power of up to 20,000 amperes. This means that it is able to heat the air to a considerable value of 30,000 degrees Celsius. Lightning on impact “looks” the shortest possible path to earth. This is because it is necessary to equalize the potential difference between the clouds and the ground.

Lightnings, however, do not care if there are any objects in their path. This is why there are fatal strikes on buildings every year during the lightning season. If lightning strikes a non-combustible material, it only causes its mechanical damage. More dangerous, however, are cases when lightning strikes flammable elements, including the aforementioned electrical installation. At that time, with a high degree of probability, the already specified random misfortunes may occur. In order to minimize the risk of their occurrence, a lightning protection system is installed on buildings.

Lightning handles and legal regulations concerning protective installations

The applicable construction standards require the installation of this type of structure on buildings higher than 15 meters and with an area of more than 500 m3. It should also be obligatory on buildings made of flammable materials and on public buildings.

Possession of a lightning protection system is also often required by insurers, whom we turn to in order to purchase a home insurance policy. It also happens that facilities equipped with this system can be insured on much more favorable terms.

Location of the lightning protection handles in the lightning protection system

The method of operation of the lightning protection system, which is created using the handles offered by us, is very simple. It takes over the lightning current by means of the air-termination system and then safely discharges it to the ground. At the same time, the current is dissipated by the earthing system, and the building itself remains intact. Therefore, the lightning protection system effectively protects the facility and the people inside it.

Such a lightning protection system consists of at least several elements. In essence, it is a network of metal wires. However, each of them fulfills its specific function. The basis is feints – vertical and horizontal. These are wires made of galvanized steel wire placed primarily on the roof of the building and on its external walls. Their diameter is 8 millimeters. They are fixed with special brackets. Importantly, the air terminals are also placed on elements protruding above the protected surfaces, e.g. masts or spiers. They, as the highest points of the object, are most exposed to lightning strikes. Metal finishing parts of the house, e.g. gutter pipes, also play the role of feints. At that time, it is necessary to connect them to the lightning protection system or at least provide them with a separate ground.

The tasks of lightning arresters and other installation elements

The task of the air terminals is to accept the current coming from the discharge. This then goes to the next elements of the structure, i.e. to the discharge pipes. They are made of the same materials as the feints. Their primary function is to connect the highest order conductors with earth electrodes. Downpipes are usually mounted on the facade, about 2 centimeters from the wall. It happens that they are hidden under the façade in special lightning protection pipes. In both cases, however, it is necessary to use appropriate mounting brackets. What's important – these wires may not be installed closer than two meters from the entrance to the building.

Another element necessary for the proper functioning of the lightning protection system are the test clamps. With their help, a permanent screw connection of the down conductors with the earthing is made. It is recommended that this equipment be additionally secured by placing it in the so-called control and measurement box. The clamps enable the measurement of earthing resistance or checking the galvanic continuity of the above-ground part of the installation.

The culmination of the structure protecting the building against lightning are the earth electrodes mentioned several times. These are special wires made of a conductor connecting an electrified body with the earth. Their task is to discharge the electric charge to the metal parts permanently placed in the ground.

In addition to the specified elements and handles that can be found on this subpage, metal roofing or reinforced concrete reinforcements are also used to make and improve the effectiveness of the lightning protection system. It all depends on the materials from which the building was made. In turn, underground parts of uninsulated reinforced concrete foundations, metal water pipelines or earth electrodes of other nearby objects can serve as natural earth electrodes.

Lightning arresters in the offer

Lightning arresters available in the store are ideal for creating installations protecting against lightning both for residential houses and other types of buildings (e.g. industrial facilities). We have an extremely wide range of products. With us you will find e.g. screw-in handles with an expansion pin (different dimensions), handles for striking earth electrodes, foldable earth electrodes, hot-dip galvanized handles screwed onto a hoop iron, handles for downpipes, concrete handles in plastic, gable handles, ridge ridge handles, spacer handles, cable clamps, handles tile, hammered handles for strings, turnbuckles, ground connections for hoop iron and many others. In addition, you will find here protectors, copper and zinc-plated lightning wires, surge arresters, spark gaps, lightning terminals, earth electrodes, lightning arresters, lightning handles and the tapes themselves.

We offer accessories coming only from reputable manufacturers. At you will find handles of such brands as: AN-KOM, ELKO-BIS, ETI Polam, Galmar or OBO Betterman.

We make every effort to ensure that placed orders reach customers in the shortest possible time. The standard delivery time of purchases to the indicated address is from one to three business days. However, the delivery period may be extended if a given assortment is not currently in our warehouse. Information about the resources of individual products can be found on their cards, just below the technical specification. Do you have any questions about the lightning arresters we offer? Feel free to contact us or visit our stationary stores.