Lighting poles

 This category of products includes lighting poles, i.e. a specific type of equipment that is used primarily in the construction of street lamps. Without this type of vertical masts, it would be impossible to install light sources on the roads responsible for better visibility after dark and broadly understood safety of residents. The poles are used to permanently attach the lamp to the selected ground, and also enable the attachment of the so-called boomów.   

Contrary to appearances, the choice of lighting poles on the market is not small. Individual models of this type of attachment differ in their intended use. This, in turn, determines the style of the product. The column does not always have to have a raw, smooth, urban form. Depending on where it will be finally installed, it can, for example, be decorated with decorative grooves or have a specific shape.

Where can a lighting pole be mounted?

Lighting pole is primarily used to mount street luminaires that shed light on the road at night and thus ensure better visibility for road users. In addition, they are installed along sidewalks, roadsides and other pedestrian routes. Lamps illuminate given areas after dark and contribute to a greater sense of security.

In addition, the lighting pole is sometimes used to create parking lighting. This applies in particular to the large size of car yards, which make it possible to leave the vehicle there also after sunset. The same is the case with yards located next to production plants or various types of halls, working around the clock.

A special type of lighting poles are those installed in parks, boulevards or even in home gardens. They are usually lower than the stems prepared for street lighting. It is the park models that are distinguished by their decorative workmanship, often referring to the retro style and the appearance of classic street lamps from the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Specialist lighting poles used in road construction are also distinguished. They are used to construct traffic lights. Some models can also be used to build lighting at gas stations, areas near sports facilities and squares near shopping malls.

Lighting pole material

Lighting poles are most often made of one of three materials: galvanized steel, aluminum (combined with a durable anti-corrosion treatment) or composite. There are also concrete shafts used to build extremely durable, modular luminaires of very large sizes.

Steel poles are one of the oldest types of this type of equipment. They are relatively heavy, which makes them difficult to transport and assemble. For this reason, they are gradually being replaced by aluminum models. Composite poles are considered the most modern. These are solid shafts made with the addition of fiberglass. They are more durable than aluminum or steel, easier to install and have anti-corrosion properties. It also does not conduct electricity. It is also a universal solution, suitable for virtually all poles, regardless of their application.

There are also lighting stems made of very hard plastics. However, this applies only to poles for decorative park or garden luminaires. They are not cheaper than their metal counterparts, but also slightly less resistant to mechanical damage. On the other hand, the material is resistant to corrosion and, despite everything, is not quickly destroyed under the influence of unfavorable weather conditions.

Lighting pole assembly methods

There are at least two methods of installing a light pole. Basic assembly is based on direct concreting of the product in the ground. Models adapted for such fastening have a special structure at the bottom, which allows for permanent fastening in the ground.

There are also columns with the so-called feet. These are special bases that make it possible to mount the stem through specially prepared screws to prefabricated concrete foundations. It is a very stable solution and can be used on any terrain.

It is also worth mentioning that the poles have various solutions for fixing the upper ends of the lamps. Luminaires can be directly attached to the pole, but more often there are models of stems to which specific extension arms are installed first.

Lighting poles – protection and security

Lighting poles that are to be used to construct road lighting must meet certain safety requirements (specifically, passive safety requirements in the event of a vehicle impact). The point is that the lamp shaft absorbs all the energy at the moment of a vehicle collision and thus does not cause additional danger to other road users. Therefore, the pole must be properly constructed, made of specific materials, and for this it is necessary to place it at an appropriate distance from the road.

Poles adapted to other lighting solutions, of course, do not have to meet such stringent requirements. However, each model should be resistant to precipitation, changing temperatures and humidity. The attachment system is also of great importance. The installation should ensure maximum stability, which will prevent the structure from tipping over.

Offer of lighting poles in the store

The store offers a number of lighting poles of various sizes and mounting methods. We mainly sell models made of aluminum, adapted to be directly concreted into the ground and to be fixed with special screws. You can find masts for classic incandescent luminaires and for modern LED lighting. In addition to classic street poles, we have garden stems and accessories, e.g. in the form of doors that allow access to individual components hidden in the product casing. The offer includes mainly products of the valued ROSA brand. Poles ordered in the store are not sent to the customer and require personal collection at the company's branch.